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W Nov 14, 2017

To whom it may concern to

I would like to complain member of the staff (air hostess) name Farah Diba. Traveling from Bali to Kuala Lumpur, flight no AK 379 the airline was also 30 min delayed.

I am passenger named Wasim ghulam, traveling with my wife "Annum Ayaz" as my 6 months old pregnant wife ordered food and the air hostess, was passing food to my wife sat towards the window seat, the air heaters hit me with the food tray on my noise, which I understand would have been an accident, as I realised I had a Bruce and was bleeding as I approached the air hostess and told her that, she started laughing and to did her colleague, I took it every affensive and even when she hit me accidently I took it, lightly even then they started laughing at me .

I found the member of staff very unprofessional, which has put me off traveling on air Asia airline, I was going to book my flight to Hong Kong to air Asia, am not pleased about this

I would like an apology from the air Asia management


Wasim ghulam

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