AirAsiastaff behaviour and overall airline service

I am appalled with the service I received on your flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on the D7 312 flight on 26th April 2017.

Myself and my husband were passengers on this flight and had upgraded our seats to sit in the quiet zone before we made our way to the airport, and at check in we were not issued with new boarding passes by your staff or able to use the check in machines.
When we boarded the plane, it was one of the most embarrassing encounters we have ever had and your staff are some of the rudest people we have ever met. We showed Justin- Lee, one of your staff members on the plane our boarding tickets and the confirmation on my phone regarding the seat change and were told to sit in our original seats in row 29.
We were not happy with the attitude we rude response we received and headed to row 29 to find someone else sitting in them of course! We struggled to get back to the front and other passengers barged passed us as we were in the walkway, and people signed and tutted.
When we got back to the front where your staff were, we were told to wait by the door like 2 school children and we were utterly embarrassed as other passengers walked on and looked at us as if we had done something wrong.
After about 5 minutes, we were told to go and sit in the seats we had booked whilst your staff check with ground staff and we were made to feel and treated as if we were lying just to sit in this cabin.
Whilst we were sat in our seats waiting for the confirmation, several people from the standard economy cabin decided to move into this area without paying for the upgrade and made a lot of noise. Me and my husband were sick and tired by this time as we were both ill and wanted to try and sleep before we landed.

Your crew members are unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate and I am writing this as part of an official complaint against him and the whole team on that flight. To make things worse, when the flight meals were being given out me and my husband were completely ignored and left without our food whilst everyone else in this area was eating!! We waited around 15 minutes before I had to go and prompt your staff, who asked me if I wanted to buy a meal! Absolutely disgraceful attitudes, and not one single apology.

It was the most disgusting services I have ever received on a flight and I will not be flying with your airline ever again. We are avid travelers and frequent flyers, but we will be making an extra effort to ensure we NEVER fly with you ever again and fly with anyone else when we are in Asia.
We will be advising our family and friends of the disgusting service we received from this flight and ensuring nobody is treated like this and avoids your airline.

As blog writers, we will be reviewing this experience and ensuring it is posted online to ensure people are aware of what they are signing up to if they decide to fly with you.

In terms of a resolution, I would accept a full refund as well as compensation for the stress we both encountered on this flight.


May 03, 2017

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