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I'm expected to arrive Penang from Kuala Lumpur on Monday28th May AK6140. Somehow I got through 3 verification counter and got into the flight which is flying to Kota Kinabalu.

I'm responsible for not checking properly the gate. Instead of going to gate 14, I went to gate 4. But I was surprised that after all, I went through the first verification counter and waited at the waiting area for more than 30minutes and I was still not informed that I'm in the wrong gate.

Then, after queue up for boarding, the personnel also did not inform. Then, when I already into the plane, the air hostess was playing phone and did not check too.

Then, when I walked through the hallway, I want to confirm again whether I'm in the correct flight, I asked one of the attendant and get to know the flight is heading to KK.

This is kind of shocking. When I come out from the plane, the personnel at the waiting room look very calm and give me the ticket and told me that I went to the wrong flight.

My flight is 10.55am. I get to went out from the plane is 10.50am. This is really unacceptable. I knew that I'm partially responsible for checking the gate wrongly. However, aren't it ridiculous that the long winded procedure for verification did not realize it?
So what is the verification personnel job scope?
Is it just tear the air ticket into half?
Seriously, I would like Airasia to look serious in this matter.
I could have already go to KK if not I ask the flight attendant myself.
This is the feedback I give to Airasia.

May 28, 2018
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