AirAsia / service

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I went to JB Tune Hotel for flight purchase enquiry at 9.50am 24 Sep17 (Sunday). Door signage showed 'welcome' and business hour indicated 9am-6pm daily. However, no one was there until a lady came to open at 10am and turn the signage to 'close'. I were waiting outside the shop for another 10min and found the lady sat at counter and put her head down instead of looking outside for customer who was lettering for some time. Until i brought her attension though rose my voice from glass outside the shop.I questioned her why she turned her signage to 'close' and was the shop opened today? She asked me just let the signage be 'close' and she said the shop was opened late today. The response of her make me feel unhappy and not within my expextation. I expected to hear apologize from her but she just want to quickly settle me and let me leave. I think her service standard is not up to the basic level. In fact, apologize should come in place immediately when i walked in. Pls provide intensive training for staff.

Sep 24, 2017

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