AirAsia / poor arrangements and service of air asia at the chiangmai international airport, especially the staff at the premium flex counter

Chiangmai, HK

To whom it may concerns,

My name is Leung Po Shan and I took the flight FD 515 from Chiangmai to Hong Kong at 6am on 4th April 2017.

As a frequent flyer of Air Asia, I would like to express my feeling about the poor arrangements and service of Air Asia at the Chiangmai International Airport, especially the staff at the Premium Flex counter, although I am not sure her name as the pass shown in Thai but I believe that you can help to find it out.

Firstly, there were only 3 counters (Premium Flex, International & Bag drop) for the full flight is definitely not enough. Everyone needs to run to the custom, tax refund counter and the gate while all passengers arrived at the counter before 60 minutes departure time.

Secondly, the staff at the Premium Flex counter did not help any other passengers at all until 5:30am when the gate is about to close in 10 minutes but there were still more than 10 customers waiting at the counters. I totally understand that the Premium Flex counter might only serve the Premium customers but I would like to ask how many Premium customers would be for a budget airline? Do they really need to wait until last minute to help other "low fare" customers and also sitting there watching other ground crews were working so hard to help mostly all flight passengers?

Furthermore, I tried to seek help at the Premium counter while there was no one waiting for check-in around 5:10am but of course got rejected by your unfriendly staff who was working at the Premium counter but sarcastically did the check-in at last minute for us at the end. If I were a Premium Flex or members, I would be absolutely disappointed to have this staff who is totally unqualified to serve at the Premium counter as she is not considerate or even have common sense to think that all passengers needs to go through the scan check, custom, tax refund office, the boarding gate or even the service desk to pay for excess luggages and most importantly the flight won't wait for anyone.

At last but not least, I think the staff at the Premium counter was really selfish to only get her job done and dose not care about other passengers and her ground crew team except those few Premium Flex customers who already checked in.

I hope that Air Asia would follow up this case as I really wish your airline to be better and at least up to standard for not just make everyone can fly but also make everyone not worry and hurry before flying. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Leung Po Shan

Apr 03, 2017

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