Airasiamy luggage broken

Date of incident: 18 January 2017.
AirAsia BIG: [protected]

The responsible parties,

At 18 January 2017, 1.40 p.m., Flight no. AK 6436, i travelled from Kuala Lumpur (klia2) to Kota Bharu (Sultan Ismail Petra airport). I checked-in my luggage at klia2 in a perfect condition and i was hoping to get them back in perfect condition as well, however i was very disappointed by AirAsia staff that in-charge in manage the luggages as my luggage broken when i retrived it at Luggage Claim Counter after i touched down in Sultan Ismail Petra Airport and i believe it was not handled with proper care. I am very disappointed by this incident because as far as i know, AirAsia is a good company and this incident should not happen.

Thus, i want AirAsia to take full responsibility for this incident and i want AirAsia to replace my luggage.

Thank you.

Contact me through e-mail: izzat.[protected]


Jan 18, 2017

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