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Yangon, TH
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I was travel from Bangkok to Yangon, Myanmar today (November 26, 2017) with the Thai Air Asia flight number FD 253. as per the schedule, the flight itinerary was 16.50 and arrived at 17.50. I checked in ahead of time approximately 2.5hrs at 14.10, and I have one luggage checked and loaded. As soon as I have seen my luggage go through the conveyor belt to the ramp for the airline collector. I then walked through and go into the immigration for further process of boarding. At 16.45 the flight is boarding and it landed at 18.10. And at 18.50 I walked to grasp my luggage and I could not find my luggage. I handed over my luggage tag to the airport staffs for acknowledgement and I have been informed that m luggage was not aboard with me, it was found missing to loaded into the aircraft. The airline representative Mr. Wai Myo OO the Air Asia ID# 3864 informed me that he just take responsibility for the lost and found only, and stated that my luggage was missing loaded for the same flight, it will be delivered to the next flight which it plans to arrive at 21.10 on the same day. He has also stated that If I desired to make compliant I could go to the counter of Air Asia. I then got the lost report with my passport ID and luggage tag and went to Air Asia counter to make a complaint. Once I arrived the counter, i saw him sit there, and I asking for responsible person of the complaint, he called a staff named Mr. Saw Ghat Nay Hotou, the ID # 9183, immediately informed me that the mistake was taking by Air Asia Bangkok team for overlooked all passenger's luggage to be loaded on board, and once they realised that my luggage was missing and not on the aircraft, the flight already took off, his responded to me was unacceptable, he acted sarcastic for the mistake and did not apology in the first place. I have to inform him to do so (How could that be?)
1. Is it possible that I checked in ahead of the flight timing for 2 hours, and the luggage was missing to load into the aircrafts?

2. I have seen with my own eyes that the language was going through the conveyor how it was not loaded in the aircraft?

3. The airline was not taking responsibility for mistake accpetance, and did not express the service mind with the profressionism of the airline staff to the customer, additional the Thai Air Asia at Yongon airport staffs was unhelpful.

4. Mr. Wai Myo OO (ID# 3864) was impolite and point the finger at me, which it is unaccpetable and very impolite and using abusive language with me.

5. Mr. Wai Myo OO (ID# 3864) threaten to me for calling the police when i will taking the photo of himself and his crew, and claimed that the airport is not allowed to take photo, i asked him to see the rule and regulation and he refused to give such claimed laws.

6. He handed over only the report number but avoiding to disclose what is the content of the report inside (My report number BAHRGN17A00239), how it is possible.

7. The Air Asia staff are unprofessional, impolite, are not service mind ( do not understand how he passes the probation period!!!)

8. Air Asia did not take the responsibility but asking the passenger to wait for her own luggage which was airline mistakes.

I will submit this to the top management of air Asia if there was not any respond within 15 days.

Nov 26, 2017

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