AirAsia / lost baggage and didn't get any news from airasia since 15 nov 2016

medan north sumatera, ID
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Im wanna said this is my first time that i have lost my baggage on airasia flight. that happened in 15nov 2016 morning when my family arrive at incheon international airport. my family waiting the baggage for 1hour and 30minute and it not come. so the best that's i can do is I have directly report to airasia lost and found at Incheon airport. and we waiting about 40minute again for staff to checking the baggage. and the staff cant get confirmation about the baggage. so the let know, we just need go back and waiting for information. after a while ( 2days later ) I get call from airasia Incheon that my baggage cant found ( in my mind, I'm just cant understand, my baggage is not small box, its about 3kg things inside my box is multivitamin, food, etc )and and they asking to wait again until 14days works and it will be handle by airasia indonesia. this time, if I angry... it will be same ( cant solved ). so I just choose to wait and wait. until 14days later. they didn't call me, so I choose in december to call airasia callcenter lost and found at Jakarta to asking, and they have answered my baggage is lost. and I can report to insurance company ( I have buy ticket with insurance ). so I report again to ins. company and in january 2017 they answered is cant claim if the baggage because baggage inside is for consumption. then the ins. company staff said to me, that airasia will paid me about usd, 50. then i just need to do is call airasia, and give my account number and report latter lost baggage. but the problem is until now 2017 march 15. i still didn't get any news from airasia. and now on i just really feel better if airasia can responsible what happened to my case.
Booking code. VYRFUB
14nov KUALANAMU-KUALA LUMPUR AK395 20.20 - 22.20
case number . BAHICN16A 00524FTX

Please informed.

Thank you
Pherry luise
email add. [protected]


Mar 15, 2017

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