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Today 19 Mar 3017 (9:45 AM) I called Indonesia Air Asia for helping me check the amount of my big points. There is the problem of my "Big Point" no show on website. I would like to book my future fight by using big pints but can't. I never use any big points yet during many years till now !!!

The Indonesian (lady) as call center push me to check on website only!!! Impolite answer and no responsibility. Also it's hard to communication with her in English.

In the end she still push me check on website. The only answer from her was "Madame, please check on".

I try to let's her know that i'm working on website more than a hour before asking help from call center.

Every month I fly with airasia at least 2 flights/ month. Indonesia airasia is the worth service ever even the call center.


Mar 18, 2017

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