AirAsiaimmigration requirement for singapore

I have travelled from India to Malaysia via singapore and while boarding the flight the staff denied the boarding stating that Singapore visa is required, however when I consulted the Singapore immigration, they informed me that Singapore visa is not required for transit, the AirAsia staff behaved unruly and rude. They made me buy another ticket, and now I am stranded at the Kuala Lumpur Airport because of the same reason, I need to return back to India but the AirAsia guys are repeating the same thing, my friends travelling through other airlines did not face any issue at Singapore. This is the worst airline I have travelled with, no where in the worl is transit required and this airline makes their own rule. It is pathetic and very geuesome and mental harresment for me. The staff at AirAsia Malaysia also behaved rudely

May 08, 2017

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