AirAsia / I was credited my account but couldn't use credit to re-book therefore my card was charged unauthorized

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To whom it may concern,
I am writing with a complaint about the recent booking experience I had. I booked a flight from Bali to Kuala Lumpur on 30th April 2017 and the flight was rescheduled by one hour later meaning I couldn’t meet my connection to London from Kuala Lumpur. The booking reference was JFN4WS. I was notified of this change on March 15th and decided to request a credit account option and choose the Lombok to Kuala Lumpur flight in order to ensure I met my flight to London. The correspondence from your company took so long that before leaving the UK to arrive in Indonesia, the account had not been credited. This meant that on holiday, with poor WIFI I had to continue to try to contact you to ensure I could get the account credited and book my new flight. Despite the inconvenience of this for me, your key pages on your website continually was down and inaccessible. This meant I spent a lot of frustrating hours of my holiday trying to contact you to organise these flights.
I managed to speak to you on a live chat on 22nd April and I was assured I would get a credit account. The account was credited and I was able to buy the new flight. However, this process took so long that it was one month between the flight changing (March 15th) and the credit being put into my account that the price of the flight had doubled in price, which I am not happy about. Due to your poor communication and your flight reschedule, I have had to pay twice as much for the new flight. The second issue is that when I attempted to book the new flight from Lombok to Kuala Lumpur, with the credit in my account, the function to pay with credit was not available on your website. When I tried to book with my credit the booking remained ‘pending’ and I received no contact or confirmation from you. As this was two days prior to the flight I had to pay for the flight in full with my credit card. Consequently, the credit remains on my account and I have paid twice for my travel as I subsequently had to book with credit card. So I would like the credit refunded onto mu credit card.
I have already submitted this on an enquiry form and I received an email on 15th May 2017 saying you are unable to refund me. It was an auto-generated response. My category falls under flight reschedule therefore I must be refunded.
I have used Air Asia frequently but I have been left on this occasion very unhappy with the booking process and the ability to make contact with you.
I look forward to your prompt response and receiving my refund for the credit.

Anna Stearman
Account Number [protected]

May 15, 2017

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