AirAsia / ground staff are arrogants stupids

Bnagalore, India

Blr to cok flight
I missed my flight today, boarding was done online, after checkin I reached gate at 5.50 am and gate was closed at 5.45 am and flight time is 6.05 am. Staff who were at gate was not even has a mentality to help us. We all know the bangalore airport rush, today ladies session rush was less so my wifes check was done on time and I was waiting to get my luggage.. We even told gate staff when they called ur mobile that we need 5 minute extra we cannot run as my wife is pregnant, as i’m stuck on checkin. They were aware of this and did not help us.
If you are not improving your service you will sustain not more than 1 years.
Any companies’ success is when they do cooperate and do good service to customers

Jan 16, 2017

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