AirAsia / flight delayed!!!


Hello Customer Service,

My flight was unexpectedly delayed for 3 hours and it resulted that I arrived my destination passed midnight. Worst of all, I had pre-booked a taxi pick-up beforehand and resulted that I was charged for a cancellation fee. In additions, we are unsure of the actual reason for the delay. Airasia has never stopped disappointing people with the unpunctual departure time, inflexible policies and sometimes unprofessional flight attendants. I was sitting on the first row, the air stewardess sat with her legs opened widely, eating and chatting. Despite it is a low-cost airlines, but they don't seem to understand the basic courtesies. I strongly demand your explanation and compensation for the delay for flight AK821 from Phuket - Kuala Lumpur. Awaiting to your response.

Angela Ong


Apr 28, 2017

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