Airasia / double charge for baggage and no meals when we paid for it

To whom it may concern,

When we booked our flights to Bali (departing 12th July) back in November 2017, we paid $150 for 4x Checked baggage 20kg. But when we went to check in at the airport, we were told we didn't have any baggage paid for and subsequently had to pay another $150 on the 12th in order to check my luggage in.

At first, the lady at the counter was going to charge even more because we hadn't checked and paid for baggage online (even though when we tried to log in to web-check in we kept getting errors), and when we made a big fuss about it, that's when they charged us the web-check in price. Because the flight details had changed so many times, the last itinerary I had didn't show we've already paid for baggage within the email (but once I opened the full itinerary later, I saw we had already paid but it was too late to get refund by then). Another issue with our flights having changed at least 4 times since we booked is the changes to aircraft meaning the seats we've booked in the middle of the aircraft on our flight from KL to Bali was now seats at the very end of the plane with literally no room to move seats back and even smaller leg room which made for the most horrendous flight experience in my life!

We also paid for meals from KL to Sydney, however didn't get any. The flight attendants checked our itinerary which clearly shows the meals and advised they couldn't do anything about it and that we had to put through a complaint to get a refund.

Overall our experience with AirAsia has been so incredibly poor. Baggage and meals aside, that fact that you don't even provide cold tap water to passengers, and also charge for blanket and pillow on your overnight flights is beyond ridiculous.

We booked paying higher prices than our friends who booked with different airlines and actually had direct flights with a much better experience.

You guys have been such a complete rip-off.

I expect my money refunded for double baggage payment as well as for the meals we ordered and never got!

Nandita Reddy


Jul 24, 2018

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