AirAsia / cheating & misleading promotion and horrible customer service

Singapore, Singapore

10th May: booked my tickets to miri, sarawak. Fulfilling all the criterias on ocbc card promotion. At the payment page, i was again reminded to pay using ocbc card in order to be entitled discount. After payment is made, noting that there is no discount, E-filed was done
12th May: Given a template reply without answering my question (Case No: CAS-[protected]-QFP6KK CRM:0641663) e-file again on 12th, no sound no picture till now...
02June: Facebook msg Airasia on status on my efile on 12th may as a follow-up to 10th may. After giving the case number, I was told to wait.
07 June: Airasia informed that reply was sent to me on 19th may. But there has been no email from air asia at all; checked inbox, junk and spam boxes-no email reply from air asia except ongoing promotions.
09 June: Gave an email address and would like the said reply on 19th may to be re-foward
11 June: Ask me to go to live chat for quicker response! But they are facing high traffic now.

This is totally absurd!!! I have been waiting close to ONE MONTH, instead of being able to re-foward a decent reply, i was told to change to live chat! What kind of service is that!

I still have the screenshots of the screen as evidence! As a consumer, i should be given a decent and logical explanation on the omission in discount and not facing procrisnation from all channels from airasia!!!


Jun 11, 2017

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