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Revise complaint. I was on AK 713 1.20pm out of Malaysia. My ticket is Zone1. Upon checking in told staff I was not well. He told me to sit in front at the boarding gate so I could setup my medical device on my seat 5A. Then he said that I should wait till everyone enters because it's a new policy that handicap passengers gonin last. While other handicap passengers were going in the plane. Then a women questions my handicap asking me where I'm handicap. Then while walking to the plane she videotaped me walking. Then I requested a wheelchair in the plane for Singapore $20. They never ordered it. 45m later after I ordered it wheelchair came. My only understanding of this is that at the transit hotel an anti cimite lady made a racist joke about my cane and told staff I was a Jew. That's why I was treated by your staff in this fashion by lies about air Asia new policy that handicap goes in last. While all other handicap went threw. This is inexceptable . Furthermore in Indonesia they have no understanding of handicap. They let everyone go through all at ones. Being trampled on. Sincerely, Charles Aslan.

Nov 21, 2017

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