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On 26th January 2017 at 12:06 pm I have made payment for booking number ME5M8F to Hong Kong AK 130 for 2 person departure at 1625 hrs, made payment amounting to Rm 1318.00 via my RHB Bank Visa Card no [protected] after the payment made I did not receive any booking confirmation and itinerary from Airasia to my email.
Due to the urgency to get the 1625 hrs flight on the same day I did another booking to the same destination by booking number CCG7TL and made another payment RM 1318.00 via RHB Bank Visa Card no [protected] card holder name Aina Yasmin (my daughter) and successfully received the booking confirmation and itinerary through email.
After checking with my bank account i found out that the first booking MEM8F has deducted money from my bank account for RM 1318.00
On the same day I have lodge this complain to your twitter customer service .
On 27th January 2017 (Friday) at 2:43pm Airasia sent the booking confirmation and itinerary for booking number ME5M8F which is meant for 26th January 2017(Thursday) 1625 hrs flight . I requested Airasia to refund the double booking for ME5M8F as soon as possible.
This is due to your online system inefficiency and not reliable thus I have to made this double payment.
Enclosed the proof of payment and the booking id for your reference.


  • Updated by Abu Bakar Burn, Feb 06, 2017

    Thank you Ben for your concern Untill todate Airasia did not response to my complaint, Im not sure how long they want to check, Im very sure they can easily check the data from their server and rectify this problems but I guess the're not interested to know. If they dont reply or not responsible to refund i will escalate this issue to the higher management level.

Feb 01, 2017
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  • Be
      Feb 06, 2017

    Same thing happened to me. The Airasia showed an error message and there was no booking reference so it made me think it was unsuccessful so I had to book again and the second and third try was not successful. so I cancelled on my schedule and did not push thru with the flight on airasia. After a few hours I just found out in my email that they charged me. and now i requested for refund because the trip was not going to push thru they just give me a computer response named kevin. then emailed again second time same answer. they don't care their website is defective.
    What did you do? Did they refund you? this should go to the upper management. I can't believe such a big company would do such a sleezy move just to earn.

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  • Ci
      Feb 08, 2017

    Exactly same happened to me!!! I already wait for 4 months!!!
    How should we do? They treat us as idoiot!
    They either direct cut off the line or closed of the window chatroom!
    Are you able get your refund? Can email me at [protected]
    I really wish to settle my payment asap as the case drag so long, they will treat this as income to them!

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