AirAsia / cancellation of my flights at the last 'minute'

Bangkok, TH
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I was booked on a flight from phuket to bangkok on 26th march 2017 at about 1225 hrs. I received a confirmed booking and it was paid for in full. 10 days before this flight was cancelled and I was booked on a flight at 0135 hrs, again confirmed. I checked-in online and I printed out the boarding card. 2 days before the flight, I received an "urgent" email from airasia to tell me that the 0135 flight was also cancelled and I was booked on a flight at 1800 hrs - about 6 hours after the time I wanted to depart. This meant I had to change my connecting flights from bangkok. There was no explanation as to why these flights were cancelled. This is a new low for airasia. When I booked my several flights with airasia, the carry-on luggage allowance was 7 kg, plus a laptop bag etc. Near the very end of my long 4 month travel in the far east, airasia suddenly changed the regulation that the total weight allowed as carry-on was 7 kg. So suddenly I was not able to carry my laptop bag (2 kg) on board. I already had paid for the 30 kg checked-in luggage. I clearly feel that the airline had broken its contract with me when it sold me the flights.

Mar 24, 2017

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