AirAsia / deceitful website/overcharging


To whom it may be concerned, my name is harrison tripple and I am very disappointed with the service I received from your airlines. I booked a flight leaving from ho chi minh city, vietnam - transferring through kuala lumpur, mlaysia - and a final destination of gold coast, australia. When I booked my flight I bought the ticket for 2 items of baggage of up to 25kg each. When I arrived at the airport in ho chi minh city the agents told me that I had only purchased 1 baggage item of up to 25kg and then told me I would need to pay over $1000.00 us if I wanted to get both bags on the plane. I even showed the agent on my printed ticket that I received by email from airasia where it said that I had 2x up to 25kgs of baggage. The customer service agent was incredibly unhelpful and did absolutely nothing to help me sort out the problem. He insisted I had been mistaken and I nearly missed my flight because of the situation. I then had to leave one of my bags in vietnam which I will now have to pay to ship my luggage to australia. I came to australia because i'm studying in gold coast and I am very limited in my financial abilities. I would like to be reimbursed or receive some sort of assistance for this inconvenience as I don't have the financial ability to waste money on shipping my bags when I already purchased, through airsia, the shipping rights of my baggage. The flight booking number for my flight is d9nsud, the flight number from hcmc - kl was ak883. The flight number from kl - gc was d72702. My phone number in australia is [protected]. I have tried contacting by phone the call centre in australia and pushing my complaint, however there is no access to the call center. Your website is deceitful and it is very difficult to contact anyone with a problem that needs solving. I truly hope your company will do the right thing and honor my purchase, if this can be resolved correctly I would look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. If this cannot be resolved correctly I will do everything in my power to make sure that I make all potential customers you may receive choose another way to travel. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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