Air Indiaunethical behaviour

Hello sir/Madam, I am Prasanth. I want to report unethical behavior of Simran Singh, who works in Indira Gandhi International Airport on Baggage claim side. Incident happened on April 24th 2017 at 4 pm. He is not responsive and very rude to me. If it continues i will never fly in Air India again. By flying in Air India we are helping you and its your duty to be helpful and to provide good service to passengers.
On the day of incident I am flying from Chicago to Chennai and have transit in Delhi. As I am passing through international, security said I have to complete my immigration, so he directed me to downstairs where I completed my immigration and waiting for my luggage and I am in hurry to catch my another flight. As it is getting late to get my luggage I went to report to Simran Singh who is sitting in complaint room. When I explained my situation, he was angry and said " who asked you to come downstairs it is for domestic and as your flying from Chicago you have to go upstairs and explained my condition and said I also finished my immigration check and I have to pass through domestic terminal, as they don't allow me to go upstairs again. He said then take another flight or leave your luggage and go home. When I said I will complaint to higher authorities he called people and I got luggage in another 30 mins because of which I have to run to catch my flight and it is hard to do so after 15 hours long flight from Chicago".
If this is how you provide service to passengers form next I am not going to fly and I request to take action on Simran singh. I still remember his name because he tortured me so much. I can't forget that day that's how badly he behaved with me.

May 11, 2017

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