Air Indiaflight to london from delhi

I was travelling from New Delhi to London on 27th March 2016 - 2:30 am flight. I did my web check-in and even after that I was at Airport at 11:30 pm to drop my baggage. The queue was horribly long and the staff at Air India was highly untrained. After standing in queue for an hour and half, I was made aware that flight is delayed. However the queue did not make any movements. The Business class counters were free and the staff made no attempts to take the luggage even after seeing the plight of the passengers. There were people with babies who were hollowing out of hunger. I went to the PR manager - Ms.Asuni ( as her name is she was the true reflection of it) and she made no attempts to listen to me. After a long argument with her I managed to bring her to the desk I was queued in and things started moving a bit. I was still in queue at 2:15 am . By this time everyone lost the patience and people started shouting. This is when the business class staff came and helped the untrained staff at our queues.

With the help of a staff Mr. Amit (only person who listened to us), couple of us quickly jumped the immigration and security lines and were able to board the plane. However it was 4 am by this time and this is when Captain told us that 2 of the passengers are still struggling in the Security lines and we cannot move. We finally made a move at 4:30 am.

To add to my misery, the crew on the plane ran out the veg meal. I was hungry to my ribs as it was a stressful journey for me so far. I was asked if I eat eggs and on saying yes was given chicken sausage which I believe is insensitive. Later on, on the request of my husband, I was given leftovers even though I ticked "veg Meal" when I did web-check in.I received 2 pooris not even wrapped up properly and open paneer burji whereas everybody else has paratha. Not sure where this food came from.

I developed Food poisoning after my landing in London and had to take sick leaves and go to doctors and hospital. I had to skip important meetings at Office which costed me my work. PR manager is suppose to handle the stress and remain calm, however she was the rudest person I have ever met in my life and was just arguing with all rubbish comments. Staff at the Business class counters was next in line wherein they were imitating the passengers and were mocking at us. I travelled by paying full fare and did not expect any of this.

Shame to the Airlines and also to the Govt officials who actually are responsible to run the company. The scene at the airport was really horrendous.

I know noone will pay heed to my complaint, still want to make the Govt aware of the plight of the citizens, Air India is one of the Company which mirror-image the country and if this is the way passengers are treated, I am not sure what we are trying to communicate to the world. Who is responsible for my medical bills and my loss in the office.
Seat Number: J31 and J30 - Ruma Sharma and Rohit Sharma.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Ruma Sharma

Apr 05, 2016

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