Air IndiaExtra money charged. Worst service, rude and negligent behavior by air india staff

The worst ever experience on flying international by our so called best Indian airlines Air India!
On 8 April 2016, I traveled with my 3 yr daughter from New Delhi to Vienna by Air India and then to Copenhagen by Austrian airlines. To start with, the air India staff at new Delhi airport asked me for 50 euros for extra baggage and send me to cashier counter and finally end up charging 105 USD for around 8 kg extra weight (though didn’t find the logic of the fees charged, because they weren’t ready to explain).The lady at cash counter was absolutely rude. The whole process took around 2 hrs which is totally unacceptable considering travelling with kid.
On the flight experience, my daughter puked everything out so I called up the air-hostess multiple times (7-8 times) but no body responded.
Finally, I end up my journey at CPH airport missing my daughter’s stroller, which we inquired today, is lying at Vienna airport.
Got my tickets done, hoping it would a smooth journey considering it is a new flight which started operations two days back from Delhi to Vienna but the experience has been worse than ever. I checked on the Air India website, it clearly says for extra baggage up to 30 kg for European countries, charges are 50 EURO's so I expect Air India to refund my extra money charged.

Looking forward for a reasonable explanation for the horrendous service and of course refund!

Apr 09, 2016

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