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Air India / compensation problem

1 India Review updated:

We want to inform you our disatisfaction with Air India regarding the compensation due to the cancelled flight on 12/21/2003. Following is the summary of the complaint.

Air India flight ( From Newark NJ to Bombay - India ) was cancelled on 12/21/03 due to some reason unknown to us.Four of my family members named below were on board the flight.

1. Najmi Shaikh 2. Shua Shaikh 3. Ilham Shaikh 4. Mina Siddiqui

Flight was reschedulled next day and arrived at bombay one day late. Consequently, they missed the connecting train, hotel reservation and had to to stay in hotel an extra dayand then travel by bus to Jalna city, thus suffering considerable monitory loss and hardship.

We filed the written complaint to Air India for the compensation. The request was sent to Air India customer relation manager @ 570 Lexington ave. NY-NY 10022. original air tickets, boarding passes, train tickets ( 2nd class A/C ) and bus tickets were mailed to Air India by certified mail.

After several requests, Air India agreed to pay one ticket fare as a compensation. Air India representative left the message on our voice mail regarding this compensation.

On October 7, 2004 Air India mailed us a check of $ 33.00 instead of one ticket as a compensation. We returned the check back to air india as the amount was not enough to cover the monitory loss.

Please note that it has been almost 3 years and Air India has not resolved the issue of compensation. We request your assistance and help for obtaning the fair compensation. If you need the copies of the documents or any other information, please call us or send email


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  • Ar
      28th of Nov, 2006
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    This is awfully shocking... Air India should be penalized heavily and the same should be brought to media for public awareness.

  • Su
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    This is the below letter I wrote to the AirIndia but no response till date:

    Subject: Extremely disappointed and highly dissatisfied with Air India Airlines Service

    Dear Air India Airlines:

    I am disgusted as I write this note to you about the miserable experience I had using your services. I am writing to obtain compensation for a huge mistake for which I believe your firm is responsible.

    On February 1, 2008, I took delta to fly to New York (JFK) from where I had a connecting flight to New Delhi via London. I enrolled into Air India mileage program so that I can use Air India airlines in future travel planning. I received booking confirmation via email. See attached itinerary: "Sunita Itinerary.pdf" (PNR number : J5LSN)

    Incident #1
    My timely arrival to India with my baggage was essential; as I was attending my real sister's wedding which was scheduled for 10th February 2008.
    On February 2, 2008 I reached at night to find out that one of my luggages was missing. I was to fly immediately to Patna as I live there. But the luggage was important for me as it contained all my sister's gifts and my personal accessories that were needed for the wedding. As per the promise made my Air India baggage claim service department (Mr. A.K Singh) to deliver the baggage the very next day, I changed my plan to stay in Delhi and collect my luggage. See attached Complain Number / Reference Number: Complain Number.pdf

    I waited a day and when I did not receive my baggage, I called the Delhi baggage claim service department again but unfortunately no one was able to update me with any information so I stayed in Delhi for another 3 days and during the course I made 2 visits to the airport.
    Ultimately I had to leave on 8th February 2008 for Delhi as I was already late for the wedding. I had to buy my personal accessories for the wedding and also gifts for my sister before I left. I had to take a flight to Patna.

    Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:
    - Food & lodging in Delhi
    - Visits made to the airport
    - Phone calls made since I had to buy a pre-paid Delhi number
    - Wedding clothes and accessories I had to buy again for myself
    - My sister's wedding gifts.

    Incident #2
    Baggage damaged and had to be personally received all the way from Delhi after the wedding. View pictures: DamaggedLuggage1.JPG , DamaggedLuggage2.JPG
    Baggage Claim Service department did not call me at all till 8th February, so I called them on 8th to find the status. They finally managed to trace my baggage and promised to dispatch it to Patna the very next day.
    However I did not receive my baggage on 9th, so I called them again to find out that, they had not dispatched it. Finally after my sister's wedding which took place on 10th, my husband flew to Delhi on 11th February to collect the baggage as it was lying there since 8th February. The baggage was damaged and was shown to the baggage claim customer representatives: Locks and wheels were broken and there are deep scratches all over the place. Pictures of the damaged baggage were taken at the time. View attachment: Tag.pdf

    Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:
    - Flight to Delhi and back to collect my luggage
    - The cost of the repair done to my damaged baggage

    The bottom-line: I have never seen such sense of irresponsibility from a giant airline as Air India.
    I planned this trip for over 6 months and was excited about visiting my family and attending my sister's wedding. Air India Airlines mistakes cost me a lot of money, hassles and emotional distress.

    Air India airlines can't give me back my moments and losses, but I expect you to provide compensations which is still not comparable to your mistakes.

    Sunita Shaw

  • Mu
      9th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    right now iam in china and i have my flight back to india on 28th Nov 2008 however i extended my air ticket from India and now i need a print of that ticket which has a return date of mine as 28th Nov 2008 and the PNR number which is mentioned on that ticket is showing invalid.

    so i would request you if you can please e-mail me that ticket my e-mail id is and my full name as mentioned on ticket is Last name ----soni First name Mukul------and my return is on 28th Nov 2008 my date of birth is 03rd June 1984.

    please give me a solution to it.

  • Ae
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    I have had the most horrible experience flying with Air India this year. My flight was supposed to be on Sept 24th, 2009 and got canceled. Despite conforming my flight for 25th (the next day), I was given such a horrible time trying to get on the flight that day.

    Furthermore, when I reached India, one my bags was missing. I went to the Ahmedabad Airport TWICE, and each time, nothing got resolved. I wasted so much time and money going there on my short, 2 week trip to India. No one has gave me any concrete answers until now. They compensated me 17K in RUPEES. I live in NJ and am a US Citizen. In their letter, it says they would compensate me $20 per kg...which would be a lot more than 17K converted to dollars. On side note, I also bought my round trip ticket to India from US. Now they are telling me to call the Ahmedabad Airport, after 10AM in India time, which would be past midnight here. As I am a working individual, you can see how this would be unfeasible.

    I have also left many voice messages at Newark, NJ Airport and no one has returned my phone calls. I have sent about 3-4 emails without any replies.

    Air India is the most horrible flight and I would NEVER fly with them again. Just horrible customer service.

  • Su
      31st of Dec, 2010
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    air india removed my complaint. Why the hell this [censor] thing they have done?

  • Su
      31st of Dec, 2010
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    The comments are looking in very gentle way. Air India service is not eligible to get such gentle complaints. They are thieves, decoits. steal the luggage, destroy it.

  • Na
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Air India is the worst and horrible flight I have ever traveled. ...This is most disgusting to say myself as Indian...why it is still running I don't know...I could even imagine a intercontinental flight should run like that without minimum standards.

    I traveled on Air India recently in Dec 14 2010 from Frankfurt to Delhi and connecting to Hyderabad. I didn't get my baggage in Delhi first thing..there is nobody there I can give a compliant waited for 2 hrs approx, its almost 20-30 passengers. And my next connecting flight is in next 1 hour..when I went for check in and they said it cancelled 2 weeks back..they didn't have even a small responsibility to inform the passengers...I missed my connected train and lost my baggage..and the same with return flight I keep on calling whether flight is cancelled or not...but they said no...when I went to airport they said it cancelled!!!...I got my bag after 21 days that too if I pay the bribe of 1500 Rs.even not having any customs related stu[censored]... ...and
    one more disgusting thing is ..Air Hostess...They do more care about foreigners...and never care about Indians in the flight..its not only my experience..but also most of people in my lane of sitting.!!!...

    small example: I asked for refresher, I asked one coke, she gave me coke and snacks packet..and then I asked glass of water...then she starring at me from top to bottom...and said u already took Coke.!!!..thats the most disgusting answer I came across through entire my travel even in small flights..!!!

    Seats ..ohh my god its horrible...well anyway...even we do all these reviews..people won't listen ..thats the way Indians work...
    For my case and my friends...they will never travel again on fxxxing AIR INDIA ..Never..never again...

    I don't now, I tempted to give a complaint after I calm down and knows the truth that the case in court wil never end in Indian courts..i didn't even give another chance to think abt it...

    AIR INDIA is the most horrible and worst flight...Everything right from comfortable to customer service inside and outside of flight...U would rather think ..ohh come flight is perfect...thats upto ur mind...u wann fxxk by this guys again..please Enjoy.!!!

  • Em
      20th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    This is the most [censored]g airline, with the Most [censored]ed staff sitting all over who dont even have hospitality for customers, for a call regarding refund of a cancelled ticket, in the first 7 atempts the phone was hanged up on me however in 8th attempt i got a person and he diverted me to call Yatrik Cell in Mumbai at 022-22796000 there the very irrisponsible A**H**le sitting as Customer supprt rep straightly said you should have not called here you should call delhi hence the are keeping me bouncing between office and adding salt to that he also said that you can only write mail to and you know i wrote almost 15 mails but there seems to be sitting all ###s not even bothering to acknowledge the mail, , do these people even know that you shold reply to mails, hah these people are making us (Indians ) down all over. I want to [censored] all of them until i have stamina to do so after that I would like somebody else to do so and the chain goes on... !@#$ !@#$ !!@@# !@#$ !@## these special caracters indicates the worse kind of abusive language (samajhdar ko ishara kafi hai) for AIR INDIA, , , ,

  • Fd
      1st of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    All over the world very worst flight. This situation will continuelly govt should take strong decision and remove all staff hire new staffs. Otherwise make private sector. Then they knew that. ...

  • Ra
      1st of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Instead of all these hue and cry, why don't we start a movement to stop AI from operating. If the staff are not doing what they are supposed to, then why let the airline trouble the travelers like this? Why let the government waste out tax money on all these jokers? Naa rahegi baas, na bajegi bansuri. All the jokers who claim to be the employees, pilots and crew of Air India will have to find a job where they will actually have to 'work'. Looks like we need another Anna Hazare to fight against Air India.

  • Sh
      10th of Sep, 2011
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Don't know what will come out of this complaint/grievance. But I’ve been troubled and being put through hell by the damn bloody Air India and its Customer Services.
    It all began when I had gone to my hometown, (GOA) as I currently live in Mumbai as am working over here. My plight had just begun when I boarded the Air India FLIGHT NUMBER: 662, Goa-Mumbai on 15th May 2011. The only mistake I did was that I checked in my baggage (10 KGS) as I had carried a bottle of Tequila and some sausages and cashew nuts and some sweets which are delicacies of my hometown Goa.
    Reached Mumbai and 5:30pm or around that time.
    Then waited for my checked luggage to be delivered to me via the luggage carousel at the baggage claim area.
    ALAS!! I waited and waited and my luggage never came. It was 7:00pm and by now I frantically started searching for help from any bloody Air India Service and finally made it to their baggage claim office and then had to go through all the bloody formalities of filling up forms and all that crap and ALSO I WAS TOLD TO BE REST ASSURED MY LUGGAGE WILL BE SENT TO MY ADDRESS.
    It’s been four months now and don’t know who the hell is going to pay me for all the calls made to the damn Air India office, then call this department and that department, sometimes someone doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. Sometime they said my bag has been sent to Dubai in error, AND FINE IF IT’S DUBAI, just fill the bag with some gold and send it back to me then.
    Now am running around getting claim forms sent by courier so I get a mediocre petty amount of Indian Rs 4, 500/- ONLY. This amount has also been decided by the GREAT AIR INDIAN AIRLINES, that this is what they will price my luggage at, i.e. Rs.450/- a kg. Looks like I just lost 2ks of mutton and am getting paid for losing my PRECIOUS MUTTON STEAKS!!!



  • Ko
      23rd of Dec, 2012
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  • Vi
      1st of Mar, 2016
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    My Air India Membership No is 130404963.

    When I am entering my account, it is taking me to re-registration page asking to fill up the form and upload KYC documents. My name and Date of Birth in this form is already filled up. When I complete the form and submit it, the error message says the name and date of birth are duplicate.

    This is weird. If I already have an account and I am logging in to a form where my name and date of birth are auto populated in non editable field, how can I avoid entering these details or change it. System will always match it my records and say this name and date of birth already exists.

    How do I login to my account?

  • Ra
      2nd of Mar, 2016
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    Same for me . I think it is a ploy by air India not to allow people to claim flyer miles. I have spent over 4 hours typing, retyping the whole details . It says my phone number and email both cannot be used as they are duplicate.! I complained by email. Called their 24 hour call centre which kept ringing for 10 min and no respose. Called booking line and asked them to connect the fFrequent flyer staff they said they were busy and will call back . Still waiting,

  • Pr
      10th of Jun, 2016
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    I am having a flight from Pantnagar-Delhi at 13.45 and my next flight from Delhi-Pune at 17.25 on 2nd Nov, but they rescheduled flight from Pantnagar-delhi at 16.30 due to this my next flight will be missed, just because of them I have to spend money nor they are giving any resolution for this, Very disappointed, never book any flight again in future from Air India

  • Pr
      13th of Jun, 2016
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    These Air India people are [censored] idiots, I will never ever travel with Air India, nor I will suggest anyone to travel from it. I have posted everywhere like facebook and other social media sites, so that everyone should know the real face of Air India.

  • Su
      16th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Air India - Damage to the luggage
    New delhi

    I was travelling on AI153 to vienna on sunday 27th june 2018 from india, upon reaching vienns i realized upon reaching hotel that my suitcase was severly damaged(photo attached). I request for full compensation for the suitcase as it was a new one worth 5000 rs
    There was a big crack on the suitcase
    Please contact me om :

  • Su
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    Air India - I am frequent flyer ( ff no.104106321).Requested change in mail address.this request is pending since 10 th Jan 2018

    i have been sending reminder mails but not getting response.
    I am unable to understand the resons for this inordinate delay
    request help

  • Pr
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Air India - Drinks not served on international flight AI161

    I was travelling with airindia flight AI161 on 22 April with ETD 2:45 from Delhi IGI.
    They served only breakfast and dinner and didn't serve drinks a single time.
    Most of the time they serve drinks followed by the food. Which is again not good as you just started you drink and they serve food.

  • Ns
      20th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes
    Air India - Delay after baording
    New Delhi

    Flight delayed scheduled 17:30 hrs, boarding started at 19 hr=, got to wait for > 1 hr inside plane before take off, fans not working causing heat suffocation, water served 200 ml after suffering for > 30 min Being a senior citizen it caused stress, anxiety and physical stress to me. Air India should have handled more professionally and humanely.

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