Air Indiaairlines delay and physical and mental torture

Flight details
Ewr - del 15th dec 2016
Ai 144

Del - ewr 7th jan 2017
Ai 191
E ticket no. [protected]

On 15th december I had my flight by ewr (Newark) to delhi. We were told because of bad weather conditions the flight which was coming to ewr from india landed in jfk and we have to board the flight from jfk. There was no prior information provided to any of the passengers of the change of airport and everyone had to be transferred to jfk to board the flight. Because of the change of airport we were told that flight is delayed by 4 hours. When we arrived at the jfk airport they were checking in for the flight from jfk to delhi ai 141, and they did not start the check in process till every passenger checked in for that flight. Thus all the passengers had to stand in the que with all the luggage for 2 hours. Once they started checking in passengers for ai 191 they realized that they cannot check in any of the passengers since the jfk computer system cannot check in for ewr passengers. All the staff was clue less about the solution and all the passengers were standing in the que for 9 hours just to get their luggage checked in at the jfk airport. There was no food and water provided to any of the passengers for all this trouble and none of the passengers were allowed to leave the check in que to buy something on their own. Once we were checked in every passenger was issued a boarding pass of mumbai instead of delhi. I prebooked my seat allocation at the time of booking the seat, however at the time of checking in they failed to provide any of the passengers the prebooked seat and allotted random seats.

After 9 hours of long wait when I boarded the flight completely tired of the mental and physical torture to sit and relax, I realized that entertainment system is broken and can't even charge my mobile phone which was completely discharged being standing in the que for 9 hours. There was no entertainment center to pass my time pass for long 14 hours flight.

After the 14 hours of flying time and completely drained out of energy we reached mumbai where we had to get our immigration done and claim our baggage despite booking the flight directly to delhi. There was no prior information provided by crew or any of the staff for people who had to take a connecting flight to delhi. We reached mumbai around 1 am in the morning despite the flight which we came was flying to delhi we had to get down and claim the baggage and immigration in the middle of the the middle of the night all the passengers taking a connecting were completely clue less about the connecting flight were roaming inside the mumbai airport and trying to find air india crew to get a connecting flight. After 1 hour of wait at the mumbai airport we were told to take a connecting flight for 17th morning 7am to delhi. For overnight they allotted us the lounge instead of providing us with a hotel to rest. All the passengers were completely drained out after long wait of 9 hours at the jfk airport standing and 14 hours of flight.

Furthermore when we tried accessing the lounge, we were told that the lounge access is only for 5 hours and we cannot enter the lounge for another 2 hours. The mumbai airport air india crew failed to understand any of the passengers misery. Reaching to destination delhi almost took me 40 hours which was supposed to take only 16 hours. We booked this flight on a premium and paid approximately 2000$ for the ticket for a physical, mental and financial torture.

This whole process caused a lot of physical and mental harassment to all the passengers and a perfect case to be taken to courts on harassment. All this has forced us not to take air india flight in future. If a suitable compensation is not awarded by air india for the physical, mental and financial torture we will be forced to take this to the consumer court and put it on the social media and ensure it reaches to the larger public and the government.

Jan 18, 2017

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