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When booking on line with Air Asia it is asked if you would like travel insurance. But even if you select no they charge you for it any way and then you cant get any way of refund or help to get it back.They hang up or speak so you cant understand what they say.
They will also refer you to a fake email address.
The website is set up so you cant say NO, this is misleading and fraudulent

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  • Ju
      18th of Oct, 2011

    I now want to complaint the air asia, my situation is, now in air asia website is wrote "hangzhou(shanghai)"so i wan go shanghai so i booked, but after i booking i check back in internet, hangzhaou and shanghai is very far city and is a different place, so the problem is i go to hang zhou then how i go to shanghai ?, is a very very ### problem here, so i want to cancel my flight i call to cutomer serivce "sharif" say can cancel then after 30 minute become canot cencel my flight ### customer service, if my booking can cancel then the money deduct the cancel charges, then become credit let me book other place for between 3 mth for air asia X is ok for me, but now is the website wrote there is (shanghai) but actually is go hangzhou not actually shanghai, (customer service say that is shanghai my god) from hang zhou to shanghai stil have to go about 2 hour by car, for a booking by 20yrs old girl is it safe for that, now the air asia website is having a big mistake for that, they stil say nothing wrong and cannot cancel anything.

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  • No
      4th of Jan, 2012

    Will never fly agin with this Air Asia EVER AGAIN.

    Myself and 4 others of family and friends were booked in to come back from Bali on the 16th January. We all have web check in forms with boarding time in Denpasar-Perth on the 15th January at 23.50 with arrival in Perth the next day at 4.05 am.So we arranged hotels and car hire in Bali and connecting flights from Perth on the 16th January at 6.05 am.
    Well I decided to confirm everything today because since we booked in May 2011, this company has constantly made mistakes and their website is never working.
    So after being on the phone for hours, I was told that according to their computers, we are boarding on the 14th January at 23.50 and arriving in Perth on the 15th Januaryat 4.05 am.
    I scanned all 5 webcheckin and email them to 4 differentr people including a supervisor.
    They absolutely refuse to admit they made a mistake and want to charge us an extra $560 each to shift our flight to the 15th, which is what should have been anyway.
    There is no way we are paying all the extra money and we are lucky we realized the problem today the 4th January so that we can still organize a night in Perth etc.
    But I am feeling sorry for all the other passengers that will rock up at Denpasar on the 15th January to board at 23.50 to be told that their plane left the day before and that to get on the plane they will have to pay an extra $560 a ticket.
    I think that a lot more people than us will be affected, because 4of us booked at the same time but the 5th person booked over a month later but he was told that he is meant to board on the 14th January even though his web check in also says boarding time on the 15th January at 23.50.
    I am starting to think this is a scam to force unwary tourist to pay exorbitant extra fees.
    Leo Drioli
    InnerSelf Newspaper

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  • Ch
      1st of Aug, 2012

    if you read cerefully, it says "click Cancel to remove insurance" instead of normally we just carry on clicking the OK button to continue the booking but the window pop up is a trick for us to click on OK, it's a common sense to carry on the booking and our brain think if we choose cancel mean canceling the booking.

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  • Vw
      4th of Sep, 2016

    I contacted Air Asia customer service via E form (the only way to contact their dedicated customer service team) 3 weeks before my flight on Aug 18. I was asking how to change my flight to a later date and needed help with modifying the booking or a credit so I could purchase a new flight.

    A rep contacted me on Sept 5, 1 day before the departure of the my flight and stated that flights could be modified up to 48 hours before departure. I went online to chat with a rep who said that I could not receive a credit for the existing flight even though I contacted customer service 3 weeks in advance and no one got back to me until day before the flight. She then said I had to pay for a new flight. I advised of the situation and asked for the customer service # or a supervisor, she just kept saying purchase a new flight or submit another e form request.

    I asked how long that would take to be addressed. The rep closed the chat session without a resolution because of the 10 minute time limit. This is completely unacceptable for Air Asia to treat their customers in this manner when we've paid for their flights and service. The customer service is horrible at best and disastrous at worst.

    They don't offer any practical solutions to help their customers solve any problems and just dismiss any errors that they make, which are many.

    This company should be boycotted due to their shoddy service.I submitted a new e form request, tweeted Air Asia and Ask Air Asia about the situation and expect no assistance. Filed complaint on pissed consumer as well as this site.

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