Air Asiarecruitment issue

Greetings to you!

I will like to bring to your notice, that the interview conducted in the North eastern states of India has a lot of biasness, since the venue is in Jettwings and the show is run by their staff, thing are turn to their favour

In the recently concluded interview in Shillong, the first round where highly manipulated to ensure that most of the candidates to go through the next round are from Jettwings. This leave better deserving candidates who are not from the institute or from other Aviation academies no chance to make it.

The Jettwings and non Jettwings candidates were kept in different interview rooms and its says it all when most of the students selected where from Jettwings, and better candidates who are non Jettwings were eliminated in the first round.

The last interview in Guwahati, was also of a bitter experience, where candidates who are not from Jettwings were not encourage to attend the interview.

I know for sure that your esteem company wants the best candidates for the airlines and their is no unfair approach from your end. For better selection procedure, the aspiring candidates of the region request you to please host the venue on a neutral place so that the interview is fair and only deserving candidates gets through.

I leave it to your wise decision to take action and hope that many deserving candidates from the region who dream to fly will not be shatter in the future.

Jan 20, 2017

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