Air Asiadissatisfactory services on the plane / lousy air steward/stewardess / no options for vegetarians

My family and I flew on flight ak8335 from colombo to kuala lumpur on the 5th of february at 2315. This is a very recent incident which took place on the plane. As we boarded the plane and got to our seats, we realised that a man sat in our seat and due to that it caused a haul at the aisle.

The job and responsibility of an air hostess is to help the passengers and settle the problem. But what did the lovely air hostess do??? Nothinggg!!! Instead they told us to make it quick because other passengers were waiting. I want to ask you. What is this??? Do you train your staff to handle problems this way?? Your personnel just stood there and put on a very very fake smile and told us to make it quick!!! How dare they say that to us who have paid thousands to your company and such unsatisfactory services are provided!!!

Well, they may look all fancy in red but they certainly do not know how to treat the passengers on the plane. We are not happy with this treatment at all. It was very rude of them to tell us that. If they are not interested in helping out then I suggest they should leave this job because I bet you there are many people out there who are able to do a much better job then them!!!

But, it does not end here!! We are vegetarians. How could you even think of giving us a complementary chicken pastry when we have ordered a vegetarian meal??? It does not even make sense. Also. You only have one vegetarian meal to choose from the menu. Do you expect us to eat the same meal twice??? You cater so much for the non-vegetarians and their needs but not the vegetarians. Are you that ignorant?? Are you people living in a stone age???

You are printing money every second and you provide us with such services. This has got to change big time!!! You want us to fly with air asia but you cannot even keep your passengers happy. You better take this complaint seriously and do something about it!!!

Feb 06, 2017

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