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me and another passenger have suffered terrible service and missed flights due to our delayed flight on 16th November. Despite being freqent Air Asia flyers and enjoying many positive experiences as a result of your company's service, this particular occasion has been extremely costly and distressful.

Passengers affected and seeking compensation:
Myself (Aimee Mckay, booking number TFKRRB)
Missed KA734 (Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong through Cathay Pacific, cost £100 - Panda's Hostel Hong Kong hotel reservation costing £140 AND my return flight through Hong Kong Express airline returning to Phuket, Thailand - costing £60)
Taxi to Kuala Lumpur Hotel - £6
Two nights in Kuala Lumpur Hotel £12 (hotel stay required due to being stuck in Malaysia)

Samuel Evans (Booking Number:UPWLJN)
Missed H9891 (Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu through Himalaya airline - Cost £138)
Taxi to Kuala Lumpur Hotel - £6
Two nights in Kuala Lumpur Hotel £12 (hotel stay required due to being stuck in Malaysia)

To be clear, the premise of my complaint is as follows:

1. Samuel Evans received no email alert regarding the delay although I did

2. In Lombok, Air Asia staff provided no assistance and claimed no responsibility at all for helping to contact connecting airlines (which I know is possible through airline offices and telephones). We both received no help in Kuala Lumpur Airport either and as our batteries on our phones died we were stranded in Kuala Lumpur and Air Asia airline staff said no to helping us when we asked at the Kuala Lumpur kiosk.

3. Air Asia absolves itself of responsibility to help passengers if their onward flight is booked through a different airline - however I was told that if our onward flights were booked through Air Asia we would be put on the next flight and or given a hotel to stay - it was not possible for me or Samuel Evans to book our entire itineries through you at the time as flights were fully booked through Air Asia to Nepal and Hong Kong.

I would like me and Samuel Evans to be put in the positions that we would have been in had the delay not happened - just as you would do with your customers who had booked their connecting flights through Air Asia.

Nov 17, 2017

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