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Air Asia / online booking

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I booked a flight via the airasia website from tokyo haneda to kuala lumpur (booking number e1t6qy).

I selected the option to supersize my baggage and opted for the xtra large option which allows upto 30kg per passenger for a fee of 4, 000yen (around 50usd) per person.

After making the booking and the payment by card I realized that I might not require 30 kg per passenger (total 3 passengers) and modified my booking to reduce the baggage allowance to large (2 passengers) and medium (1 passenger).

The difference in the amount was 11, 000 yen (around 135usd) and was expecting this amount to be refunded. but to my surprise airasia did not refund the amount but in the amended booking showed the 11, 000yen as spoilage fee.

I did not understand what the spoilage fee was about and called the call centre in tokyo and explained my problem. the agent informed me that there will be no refund.

It's outrageous that airasia allows downsizing the baggage but not refunding the excess amount. I checked their terms and conditions and there is no mention of no refund for baggage change.

I was not aware that airasia was a fraud of a company until I chanced on this website and saw the numerous customer complaints. looks like airasia does not give a damn about the customer.

Robert panakkal

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      24th of Feb, 2010
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    Air Asia had made the booking so difficult, they charge everything by default and make it so difficult to cancel them. the word ''Cancel'' is made faded grey color so is not obvious for you to find it. Air Asia start to charge check in luggage, meal, insurance and so call convenient kit and surprisingly they charge convenient fee for using credit card ( I just don't understand why international bank like Visa and Master allow the merchant to do that). Charge for selecting seat. Just not sure if they are going to charge for seat so you have to stand in the aircraft. May be another idea is to charge customer for confirmation email or sms. What do you think? Mr Air Asia
    As consumer, I would strongly request if the basic price is provided for so call low cost travelling, all the additional charges should be an option that customer has to request not by default, then they know how to make it easy for the customer to purchase them.

  • St
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    WAKE UP !!! unhappy and upset passenger.. there are so many other airlines to choose from. if you are complaining and unhappy about all these, then don't take Air;s No-frill airlines. Air asia will not be so stupid to change their policy just because your own interest, there still have to survive by feeding so many mouths. Dont be so smart to expect to get a 5 star product by paying just a 1 star price... YOU PAY WHAT U GET !!! there is no free lunch for you!!! there is also option charges. if you dont take meal you dont book. if you dont want to select your seat, you dont book. if you think still expensive. then!!! better take bus, , , , , , ,

  • Pa
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers), until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

    They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

    Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.

  • Li
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    Air Asia very poor customer service, Always online system errors, very difficult to contact them over the phone, Waist money & Time. Most of the staff members are rude

  • An
      20th of Oct, 2010
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    I booked on the 18th October a flight for the 6th november and my trip is from Ubon Ratchathani to bangkok and return on the same day.

    No luggage both ways.

    i noticed the no bag on the first leg of the journey but forgot to check it on the return leg.

    I paid by credit card and when I noticed the error

    I went to Manage my booking and changed the selection to no bag on both legs of the trip.

    however since I had already paid there would be no refund and the accouonting term spoilage fee came up.

    In effect I am annoyed about this practice.

    More importantly I went onto Air Asia's site and rechecked another booking and noticed that the second leg comes up with the medium size bag, this to me is unetical because one would expect to see no bag first and then the customer would then have the option to use the drop down box and select which weight would suit their needs.

    This is an unethical practice and would like to know are there others out there that feel the same way I do or had similar experiences

  • Mi
      11th of Jun, 2013
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    Hi Team,

    Noticed that I have modify my baggage weight and below spoilage fee occurred, However I am quite unhappy how come the system didn’t notify us about there will not be refund for the balance. It is common that when we do any changes for the booking we will get refund for it.

    Anyway, in this case I will like to change / add on meal for the balance(spoilage fee). Could you help on this?

    Thank you & Warm Regards

    Chong Jia Ni

  • As
      7th of Dec, 2014
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    Yes. AIRASIA has the most indirect online booking system in the world. They are 'con artists' and have programmed their system thoroughly so that consumers would overlooked the little things that may be too late to be fixed later. If not, too much of a hassle and eventually people will let go of the case regretfully. This is where the dirty happens and it's not like it affects 1-10 person a day but millions worldwide. Can you imagine how much they freeload money in effortlessly without having anyone to monitor the system? Brilliant.

    So I've paid for 20kg baggage forr one way Singapore to Kota Kinabalu at 22SGD. After I have made payment for the booking, I've decided to add-on seats for two at 8SGD in total using 'Manage Add On's' on their Air Asia mobile app. Chosed my seats and clicked next on the app to make further payment, and it showed there a total of 0SGD. Zero Singapore Dollars. Click confirm and nothing happened. No page asking me to fill in my CC details for payment. Checked my bank account and payment went through for the flight fees and 20kg baggage fee. Did not receive the pdf itinerary though, but there is an email with a brief booking info and a statement that they will email the itinerary AND payment receipt later. Made payment on 25th Nov 14, received pdf statement today 6th Dec 14. They took out the baggage fee I paid for. NO BAGGAGE FEE in but the add-on seats were stated in at 8SGD for two person and a SPOILAGE FEE of 14SGD!! Which is the balance for the baggage fee I paid for. I paid 22SGD for 20kg baggage fee but they decided to take it as 'cancellation' for some reason and replaced it with the seats fee instead. Bloody hell, I wanted to ADD-ON money for the seats at the first place, add-on extra money on top of what I have paid for but no, they seemed to have programmed their Air Asia app in such a way that made me thought that hey, maybe this is a promo that's why the seats were priced at zero singapore dollars after choosing the preferred seats. Now, I've read what spoilage fees mean and it looks like I may not be able to have a refund, cause apparently, for Air Asia, I 'voluntarily' cancelled the baggage fee and want seats instead, even if I have paid 22SGD, Air Asia thought that I want them to 'keep the change'. It's like they're taking what Ive paid for add-on as a voucher 22SGD, and any thing else you wanna buy, you either add money or lose whatever you have if you choose to redeem anything lesser than 22GSD. When the real story was, I wanted to PAY MORE for seats on top of what I have paid for! In this case as of now, my position as a customer is leaning towards having no choice but to pay 22SGD more for 20kg baggage when initially what I have paid for at the begunning but AA technically made it turned to nothing but 14SGD worth of spoilage fee + 2 paid seats on the itinerary which is emailed weeks after the day I made payment and booking! I really feel like I've been robbed right under my nose.

    WHAT DOES AIR ASIA GOT TO LOSE FROM CUSTOMERS WANTING TO PAY MORE AFTER? What is the use of 'manage add ons' then???

    My advice is to always gather any proof you can when making any bookings with AIr Asia online. Screenshot etc. In case anything happens, at least you have something to show when you need to. Be alert when it comes to your money and Air Asia, cause we still need to use them for their cheap rates. Like it or not. They are the cheapest to get around and a cunning one. Someday, Air Asia will be in the headlines and those affected by their scams will walk away feeling justified.

    KK, Sabah.

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