Air Asia / booking server crash

New Zealand

After completing the booking, the Air Asia server crash at the same time of payment (surprising considering the quality of the servers ...).
I decide to wait 24h for a confirmation email to know if my flight ticket is booked or not, but I received nothing...
So, I take the decision to book another flight ticket for another date because there is no more available for the same day, and this time nothing wrong happened.
And then, a week later, I have the bad surprise that I was charged for the 2 flight...and still no confirmation email for the first...
So I sent e-form (three différent), I called the customer service around 15-20 times ( the worst customer service ever!)
But for them this is not a duplicate booking because the flight tickets are not on the same day... Even if this is the Air Asia server fault...
Two months have passed and still no compensation ... Air Asia is a thief company that does not care about their customers at all !!
( sorry if I made mistakes I'm not a native english speaker)

Jan 22, 2017

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