Air Asia / bad service

25/11/2017, AK5122, 1855 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu . Boarding time is 1815 and now ard 2030 I am still waiting ! Why Air Asia flight always delayed, and they should know ppl have so much things need to be done after arrive . Is ard delayed, waiting for two hours and they ask us to change to another boarding gate which is K2 to J6! Is from one wing to another wing come on. While reaching to the new gate, no people there to open the door for people get in to have a seat . Now everyone is standing along the alley with the luggage . New boarding time is 2030 but now ard 2045 we all are still waiting people to open the boarding gate for us to have a seat. No people is there to give a damn to us. We are like abandoned kid sitting along the alley waiting for Air Asia stuff to open the door . Please, be effective . We are always understanding if you guys have provide us a good attitude.

Nov 25, 2017

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