Air Asia / a self funded 7 day delay in bali. no compensation received

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I am a victim of the false advertising of direct flights from Melbourne to Bali and vice versa. I can't understand how they took money from people when Air Asia was never given approval for the direct flights in the first place. It's is a crime.
The day before leaving Melbourne bound for a two week holiday in Bali, we were informed that the direct flights we booked and paid for were not approved and our flight would be redirected through Kuala Lumpur. Whilst being angered and disappointed that our flight time would be extended significantly we continued with our plans of travelling with Air Asia to get to Bali and enjoy a family break. The explanation we were told was that Air Asia had not been given authority to fly that direct path, at no stage did they explain, when we asked, that this would also apply for our return flight home. As far as we understood this was a short term problem and our return flight would move ahead as planned.
Not trusting this airline and having a niggling feeling, I checked our booking online and their webpage for any changes or delay's whilst we were holidaying and not once was there any reference to cancellations to bookings. The day we were due to return I opened my emails to find a message that our flight was cancelled and we were to call the airline to negotiate options to get home. Option 1. Take a delayed flight that Air Asia provided a later date. Option 2. A full refund that they would return to us in 30 working days or Option 3. A voucher. Option 2 and 3 were not viable, who knew when we would receive the refund and a voucher was only a piece of paper...we needed to get home so a later flight was our best option. We were informed that the later flight would take place seven days later. Are you kidding!! I immediately jumped online to search for flights to get us home but airfares for 5 people weren't cheap (approx $3700 -$4000) and staying there was our best and cheapest option. We asked Air Asia what assistance they would give for the extensive delay and they said nothing... Not an accommodation voucher, not a food voucher, not even free transport to the airport ...Nothing! We asked to speak with a supervisor and we were denied. Our insurance didn't cover this debacle either as it is classified as an administrative error. Had it been canceled due to weather, strike or mechanics we would have been covered by insurance. We new we were on our own and every decision made from that point was to minimise the amount of damage. So we found additional accommodation and self funded the 7 day delay. This was money that we didn't have and I am struggling to pay this back.
I have contacted Air Asia over a dozen times with a claim of compensation and have had no response. I continue writing messages to their online complaints service which angers me and I can't chat in person because their operators don't accept nor deal with complaints over the phone.
I am pass due my patience and would love to get a class action going as I know there are other people in similar and worse positions than me.

Feb 18, 2015

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