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Tanger, Morocco
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On a return flight from Tanger Ibn Battouta Airport on 23/10/2018, I experienced a disgusting attitude from an Air Arabia representative who was 'supervising' baggage check in agents. This man identified as 'Samir Miftah' was inspecting individuals hand baggage, enforcing aggressive behavior as he was preying on passengers with no remorse with regards to negligible excess baggage weight.
He insisted that anything between 2 and 3 kilograms went over the 10kg baggage allowance was liable for a significant penalty charge.
Following arguments with customers who were sent across the airport grounds and forced to pay at the cash payment desk causing great delays and inconvenience to all passengers before rejoining the queue to receive their boarding passes.
When I approached check-in he was in between desks and watching over his colleague instructing him to to refuse my boarding pass as he claimed the dimensions of my cabin sized case exceeded the stated allowance so was unacceptable for carriage, despite the same case having been approved by his colleagues on previous flights.
He was adamant that I pay him a fixed penalty charge of 500 MAD to cover the costs of my case for having an additional 2cm over the permitted width!
I have used Air Arabia to travel for many years and never experienced such unethical, appalling service until today.
Following such bad experience of customer service, I will never use this airline again.
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Air Arabia
Air Arabia

Oct 23, 2018

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