Air Arabiaservice

Dear sir,

I am getting in touch in regards to the flight reference number: [protected]

I booked the flight on 5th of July for both my son and my daughter. I accidentally put the wrong first name of my son. The date of birth and passport number were correct. I contacted your customer service desk and tried to explain the situation. I was told that I will receive an email and I would need to provide evidence. I did as I was instructed and provided what needed. I was contacted by email asking to contact the call centre. When I called I had to wait for ages before I was able to speak to an agent. I requested to speak in English and when the agent picked up, I wasted lots of time waiting and also trying to explain due to the agent not being able to understand. I was really disappointed with the time wasted on the phone and with the cost of my bill when arrived. The conversation with Air Arabia cost me over 40 pounds! In addition to this, I was asked to pay a fee to correct the mistake.
I would like to know why this airline could not allow me to modify or correct the mistake online. Why did it take time for the agent to pick up and have a very slow customer service?

Unfortunately the service I received put me off of booking with your airline. Your so called 'service' is an absolute rip off. I will make a formal complaint to the civil air aviation and will send my case to the BBC watch dog if my case is not solved. You can't expect the public to pay tens of pound for a few minutes worth of conversation, followed by an additional fee for simply correcting a minor error.

I am happy to share my phone bill with you to see how much I had to pay. I am therefore asking for compensation about the cost and the very bad and slow customer service.

Jul 27, 2018

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