Air Arabia2 issues: (1) no redress for mistake; (2) rude response from call agent

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Greetings. This is Dr. Daniel Brian Murteza. I am very disappointed and feel that Air Arabia management needs to know the following:

1. My booking reference was [protected], DMM-SHJ, June 13. G9164.

2. I tried to find out how to get a refund or credit, but somehow clicked on the wrong place and cancelled the flight and my lost my leg of the ticket DMM - SHJ.

3. I called the Call Center. I explained, and asked for a supervise who might be able to help. The call center male was very rude and not helpful at fact, he told me "You are the one who cancelled it, not me... so you lost everything." I am a professor of management and business, and if I had a student like that, or if I were his boss, he would be fired immediately. Unfortunately, I did not get his name, because I was so upset (fasting in Ramadan, so I just hung up the phone.) However, you can investigate the call which was placed to the Call Center in SHJ at about 6:40 pm (18:40) on June 8, 2018.

4. This Call Center person should be reprimanded.

5. What can you do to help me get my flight back, DMM-SHJ?

6. As you already know, you site is set up kind of tricky — boxes are already clicked on extras like for the insurance. If someone is not internet savvy, he will just keep going to the payment and not realize that an extra charge is there. Other airlines sites do not do that... Air Arabia is a good airline... why do you have to make this nefarious action (box already checked)? It happened to me one time, and I felt violated (as if someone stuck his hand into my pocket and picked my pocket on the street). Shameful.

7. Anyway, I hope you can re-instate my leg of the trip DMM-SHJ.

8. Email is canumail.[protected]

Jun 08, 2018
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  •   Jun 09, 2018

    Good day Dr. Daniel Brian Murteza!
    There is insufficient data in your complaint (e-ticket/boarding pass/booking details).
    You did not say, what exact service had been requested by professor from the Air Arabia agent.

    Such complaint can not be handled by anyone .

    If you need the assitance to claim for the compensation, kindly send each AirArabia carrier document and your above text. Charge for the legal assitance: 35USD against invoice payable online.

    I am not associated with Air Arabia carrier.

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters
    e-mail: aryan(AT)
    air.irregulations(AT) .

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