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Gold Beach, OR, United States

Even though agoda is never my first choice while traveling, I have an active account with them with eight previous bookings. I logged into my account as usual and booked a three night stay in Bangkok. I promptly received a confirmation email and then a day later a demand email to send them a copy of my passport or they will cancel my booking. Sending a copy of my passport to a link to book a room seemed so unreasonable and as a U.S. citizen I had never had to do such a thing in the past. I took the time to call customer service, but they were unable to explain the reason for such action. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was put on hold for twenty minutes with music in the background and then was disconnected. I was baffled and astonished by their total disregard to my presence as a long term customer with good standing credentials. A followup email from them confirming their demand to send in a copy of my passport, then shortly followed by an email cancelling my booking. I am shocked by their approach and their lack of customer care. It is their loss. Just because my name is Mohammed it does not mean that they must do a security check on me, we are not all terrorists. This practice will undoubtedly cause a loss of business to agoda. They have lost mine, Mohammed Ismail

Feb 19, 2015

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