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We recently travelled Asia and booked a few times via Agoda. For one hotel they advertised a special promotion "stay three and pay only two nights". The promotion was valid in the period we were staying there.

We could not figure out how we could benefit from this promotion. When we tried to book, we only saw full price. So we sent an email to Agoda Customer support and received a reply that we should check the period when the promotion was valid, book the rooms and when the period was valid ask for a refund later.

To make a long story short: when we asked for the refund they had all kinds of different excuses. The 'post-sales' department sent us one-liners with different reasons why they would not pay for the refund.

So in the end we feel cheated and MISLEAD, by both the refusal to get the refund, but also about the bad after-sales.

Agoda is maybe easy to book, but beware that you never have to ask for a refund, not for a promotion or for a change of schedule. When your creditvard is charged, the money is gone.

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  • Wo
      Jan 05, 2010

    Agoda will charge FULL price of the reservation ifyou ever has a need to cancel a booking. Their website would mislead you, their email also would mislead you that a a 15% of chancellation charge would apply to a cancellation. But in reality, their final cancellation confirmation emal, which came in after the reservation date, would tell you that the cancellation refund = 0.00 USD. What a cheap cheater. I would not book hotels using Agoda anymore in the future. My advice to fellow travelers. Once is enough!

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  • Mi
      Oct 29, 2010

    I was not awared of their cancellation policy. Caught surpriesed. Very unfair to user who book throuh Agoda. I made some booking throuh who allowed full refund upon cancellation before stipulated time period.
    If you make mistake, such as wrong date in your booking, you have to pay dearly.

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  • Le
      Feb 03, 2011
    Agoda - hotel booking
    United Kingdom

    i booked hotel with agoda 29 jan to 6 feb 2017 in boracay phillippenes, agoda advertise deluxe room, but deluxe room has no matress instead foam bed, very uncomfortable, agoda advertise full breakfast, but they serve only tea and bread with jam, agoda advertise free internet but there is no internet, IS THERE ANY ORGANISATION TO STOP AGODA TO LIE TO ITS CUSTOMERS...

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  • Wo
      Mar 30, 2011
    Agoda - bad hotels
    Travelers of the World
    United States

    For years I booked with, beware fellow travelers they are not representing the hotels as they show on there sights, I have had so many bad experiences they do nothing for the customer,
    Most recently oct 2017 I stayed at the manhattan hotel in bangkok says it's a 4 star resort what a dump, roaches dirty paint peeling and service was horrible I sent agoda pictures of the bed sheets with blood stains, as well as on the bed spread, rust and paint decay in the bathroom, they never replied or offered any compensation for the horrible experience
    Recently I booked 1 more time with them tango vibrant living hotel bangkok march 2017, it doesn't look anything like the pictures, it's in a bad neighborhood, very dirty, again bugs in my room the staff said sorry and laughed, no hot water, and forget about wake up calls, my body is covered with bites, they have no phone details in the room, and surprise for 5 local calls I had to pay 14.00 such a ripe off
    Don't book with them take my lesson's to heart

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  • Ka
      Apr 08, 2011
    Agoda - refuses to serve cuban citizens!
    United Kingdom

    My husband and I live in the UK. He has a Cuban passport, though he is a UK resident and has been living here for nine years. Recently he tried to make a booking with agoda, but they cancelled his reservation when they discovered he has a Cuban passport! He made a complaint, and they have ignored it. This is pure discrimination! Please join our facebook group entitled 'Agoda discriminates against Cuban citizens' as we are trying to push this entirely unethical company into doing something. Thank you.

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  • Xm
      Apr 18, 2011
    Agoda - cheating and bad service

    I booked a hotel room in phuket via for 1900 thai BAHT which gave me a lot of trouble... so I decided never to use their service again. next day I booked same hotel, same room via only 1300 BAHT. plus you can cancel your booking free of charge given 6 days notice.
    I definitely will tell anyone who want to book a hotel on internet not to use this it is a Singapore cheating company.

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  • Si
      Apr 30, 2011

    come back again after you've checked out of the hotel and paid the full bill instead of whatever tricked you into thinking and let us know how you feel.

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  • Ne
      May 18, 2011
    Agoda - change of hotel at last minute
    Portent Business Services

    Booked a hotel through agoda - the knightsbridge green hotel. Arrived only to find that my room was given away but the transferred me to a sister hotel or should I say bedsit in london. Never go to the knightsbridge hotel!. Called agoda and after 30 minutes on the phone was told that they couldn't help and any compensation was down to the hotel to sort out; really not very helpful.

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  • Ne
      May 31, 2011

    I must admit that since this complaint was Agoda have worked very hard to sort out my problem with the Knighsbridge Green Hotel and have made a suitable settlement (without any support from the hotel at all). So after this support I will be booking through Agoda again.

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  • Em
      Jun 17, 2011
    Agoda - sneaky cheaters! $50 dollars xchg rate diff depsite full redund

    We planned a holiday to Korea which was derailed when my daughter contracted Chicken Pox. We had to change our flight dates to ensure she was completely non-contagious before we fly and were on wait list on a few flights.

    I made a hotel booking for Seoul with Agoda. Within hours, we decided to cancel the booking and even though we read the terms and conditions carefully, they slapped us with a admin fee. There was no mention of a cancellation fee when I booked for this particular hotel - as long as I canceled before 10 business days.

    I disputed this with their customer service and they promptly refunded me the full amount. I was appreciative of this but didn't like the fact that I had to dispute it. I thought its all over. NO! I got my credit statement today and found that while they refunded the full amount of $662.08, they used the exchange rate tool to manipulate how much they refunded. The difference was close to $50 dollars!

    I called my bank's credit card department and they told me Agoda had done so, not them so they are helping me raise this dispute with Agoda. More paperwork. I sent a email to Agoda and its been 24 hours but I have not heard from them yet.

    This is SNEAKY to say the least and it borderlines on cheating your customers. Its such a horrible experience using Agoda and I really would stay clear of this company and booking website if they don't fix this mess. I don't believe its justifiable to charge $50 dollars exchange fluctuation when I canceled the booking within hours. The transaction was probably canceled within hours or a day. I doubt there is such a HUGE drop in exchange rates as a result. I hope Agoda does the right thing and rectify this.

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  • St
      Jun 29, 2011
    Agoda - money

    My complaint relates to my booking on june 4th 2017. I booked thro this agent to stay in jurys inn in the uk for 1night. When I arrived the girl at desk asked me for the money which was 126euro and I gave it to her which I didnt mind. Week later I realise that my credit cardwas also down 126 thro agoda so I paid twice. I was fuming so rang them and you swear I was telling lies to them they didnt believe me. I was shocked and they were so not nice to me. I rang jurys then to explain they realised there was amistake on behalf of agoda and they wud contact them. Agoda rang me on 14th of june to say matter will be sorted out in 2days and they were sorry. Just got email there 26 of june saying cud I send them on receipt of proof I paid the cash even tho they were talking to hotel I dont have receipt now so I cannot believe this. If this aint sorted out soon I wil be takin action and I wil inform people worldwide not to use your service as its so poor and the way your staff talk to people is disgusting and so rude stephen from eire

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  • Mi
      Jul 27, 2011

    we went to SON TRA DANANG, Vietnam, wow, that is disgusting, filth everwhere, blood on floor, faeces on bathroom wall, bath black with mould, cups with coffee and lip marks even still on them, rat faeces on floor near kitchen, kitchen waste bin had food and drink on floor all over the place, food and sticky substance all over the kitchen benches, my feet black in 3 minutes, I refused to stay, mANAGER IS PROPER ### ... he didnt care that we complain, go he said go I dont care! so now we do letter to company and directors and agoda, and Visa to stop payment on that! I have never seen anything like this, I travel a lot!!!

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  • Ys
      Aug 08, 2011

    I booked via a hotel. I arrived 2 days earlier and manage to check with the hotel.
    The hotel said that they have no word from on the reservation.
    I had to make alternate arrangements and also cancel well ahead of the 24 hrs.
    Agoda did not reply and charged me US$15.00 for the cancellation.
    Will never use that service - again.

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  • Re
      Sep 02, 2011
    Agoda - they ripped me of

    I booked a hotel when I was in bali, Indonesia for 3 nights. Then I made a misstake about the dates so i cancelled the booking after talking to them on the phone. So I made a new reservation at another Hotel in the same area. After 3 days when we checked out I see that they had charged my VISA card for 351 USD. I email them and they said I would get refund. Its been now over a Month and I have still not received a penny. And they just dont answer my emails anymore. Worst ripp of company. I RECOMMEND NEVER TO BOOK ANY HOTEL AT THIS SITE. theres a lot bokingssites out there, so dont use this company.

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  • Ol
      Sep 09, 2011

    I was very disapointed with the promotion that there is a airport transfer going to the replica in what agoda promise. Because three of family which has never been to Malaysia getting confuse when they arrive and the hotel said that there is no such a airport transfer from the hotel. The hotel employee it self argue and give bad attitude to my family in that hotel because of what agoda offer. For your reference please put the correct information about all information. for your reference please see below link

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  • Ni
      Sep 19, 2011

    Have you checked with your credit card bank?

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  • Si
      Sep 30, 2011

    i have booked with Agoda for hotels in Macau HongKong and Manila no problem, BUT i recently booked a hotel in Cauirns Australia and found i booked in wrong place so rang agodda in London via Skype and got a refund in 4 days, only fee was charged by my Bank - so well done agoda many thanks fora service and kind service ------- Simon Luzon Philippines

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  • Pj
      Oct 05, 2011
    Agoda - customer service and complaints

    Booked two rooms in a nice looking hotel with nice looking rooms. Arrive, given one room in a box (no real Walls) on a flat roof (hotel bilaji Kolkata). Water is coming in under the door. Refuse room. No alternative. Hotel say agree to refund but agoda say no! Don't use agoda!!!

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  • Vm
      Oct 16, 2011
    Agoda - cheating on room availability
    United States

    I went to Pattaya recently and I was trying to book the hotel online. I was referred to by a friend of mine and when I checked the website, I found that there were only 2 rooms left in the hotel where I wanted to stay. That was some 12 days before my travel date. Fearing all hotel rooms will get booked, I instantly booked the rooms for 3 days.

    After reaching the hotel on the first night, I found the hotel not so good. So, I again checked the website if there are other hotels nearby. To my surprise, I saw that it was shown “3 rooms left” on the booking of the hotel I was staying.

    That is misleading and they are simply trying to cheat the customers by showing them less number of room availability status. Not expected from a reputed website like Agoda.

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  • Mo
      Oct 24, 2011

    I am trying to book a hotel in Bangkok but I needed to contact the hotel directly regarding the flooding, I didn't find any phone number on the hotel site so I contact agoda for the number. I got no help at all from them. Just bla bla about booking a room and rates information but no phone number! So unprofessional and shallow minded working there serving the public. Just a BIG ZERO from so called agora customer service.

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  • De
      Nov 14, 2011
    Agoda - Poor customer services!!! Unacceptable!
    Hong Kong

    I booked vista grande hotel in osaka, japan, for 2 nights. Then I phoned to their customer services hot-line and asked if I shorten my booking from 2 nights to 1 night, will they refund the first night room fee to me. I emphasized that I just wanted to check if they will refund the 1st night fee, but do not want to confirm to shorten my booking. They said they will send an email to the hotel to ask, because I booked for special 2-night room fee. If I cancel the first night, the room fee for the 2nd night may be higher.
    After few days, I suddenly received an email from agoda. It said my cancellation of 1st night booking is confirmed! I was shocked, and phoned to their hot-line immediately. The agent advised me to re-book the hotel in their website mysel[censored] It is unacceptable! I told her "it is your false, not my false." then she said she will help me to book the hotel for the 1st night and will call me back. I asked her "do you have any direct line?" she said no. Ok, fine. I accepted it. And I asked her "how can I find you?"
    She replied me "you can't find me." it is unacceptable answer!
    After 5 mins, they called me back and said the hotel was fully booked. And they said what they can help me is to advise me to book other hotel in their website myself. I was so angry at that moment! They made a mistake and they wanted me to fix their mistake! They didn't admit any their wrong!
    Finally, I had to book other hotel. They offered me 5% discount voucher. But the 5% discount is for the next time booking, not this time! The customer services are totally helpless.
    Then I searched other hotel that still had room for 2 straight nights. I wanted to cancel all my booking (1 night left) in vista grande hotel and changed to book other hotel for 2 straight nights. Agoda told me if I cancel my booking in vista grande hotel, it will charge me a 1-night room fee. They made a mistake, they didn't fix it and they wanted to charge me! Does it make sense?!

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  • Ef
      Jan 03, 2012

    I agree that their customer service is very poor, they booked us into a hotel in the South Western Cape, South Africa (Oudtshoorn) which has been closed for some months but it is STILL featured on their website, and ever since mid December we have been contacting them with hardly any response. I will never use them again.

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  • Ma
      Jan 12, 2012

    I too had a bad experience with Agoda. They issued a voucher for a hotel in Srilanka and charged my credit card for the full amount ( all 3 days) and when I arrived after a long and tiring journey, was denied a room. Spent 3 hours calling Agoda - the representative was unhelpful and unapologetic. I did get a refund after a few days but was caused a lot of inconvenience.

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  • Br
      Jan 30, 2012
    Agoda - booking not needed now
    Canberra Metro Area
    Australian Capital Territory
    Phone: 02 [protected]

    Yesterday, I tried to book 4 rooms at rydges lakeside hotel for 17 and 18 feb, 2017.
    During the process after I had paid for this booking ($1360.01 + $350.22 = $1750.23) the screen message $howed that I had no current bookings confirmed. I then sourced the required booking elsewhere
    Today my bank balance shows that this booking cost ($1750.23) has gone from my credit card account
    to agoda global connect gb. as I have no need for this booking I request that you credit my account with the above amount.
    Bank: stgeorge, bsb: 112 908 account number: [protected]
    Would you please facilitate this as soon as possible.
    Brian dooley
    Ceo heart support - australia 31 january, 2017

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  • Mr
      Feb 07, 2012

    From personal experience, as a lodging owner, and looking from a customer point of view I would strongly recommend not using Agoda, but using the likes of Hostelworld and Hostelbookers instead.

    To start with the commission Agoda seeks is double that of the other mentioned booking engines, meaning lodgings need to increase their price to compensate. Agoda also collect 100% at the time of the booking, not the 10% or less that the other mentioned booking engines take.

    Agoda do not provide either the lodging or guest to make direct contact, either before or after the booking is made, where as with the other mentioned booking engines both the lodging and the booker are then able to contact each other, to help with additional information and or changes in the booking.

    With the other mentioned booking engines the collection of the balance is up to the lodging to collect on arrival. With Agoda, getting the 80%, especially if the lodging does not accept Mastercard, takes for ever, if it happens at all. Meaning the lodging needs to further increase their charges/rates to compensate for the additional banking fees and/or delay in payment.

    Do yourself and the World a favor, don't use Agoda.

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  • Mi
      Feb 25, 2012
    Agoda - false advertisment
    Travel Agency
    United States

    Hard access to the hotel due to unpaved road.
    During rain, the road becomes muddy. Can't travel safe.
    The staff recommended that we ride tricycle around, taxi is not available because they refuse to come to the hotel since it is out of nowhere. No street lights at night. We asked for refund, AGODA refused since they have the worst customer service.

    They are owned by Priceline, which is a bad company also.

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  • Ni
      Feb 25, 2012

    Why should Agoda refund you? Your issue is with the hotel.

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  • Dk
      Mar 04, 2012
    Agoda - could not honour booking and have not refunded money
    England, Northamptonshire
    United Kingdom

    24/09/2017 - Booking made for 6 nights in hotel in Galle in Sri Lanka. Arriving 22nd March 2017.
    16/02/2017 - Agoda email to inform us that hotel cannot honour booking. They offer us the opportunity to cancel with no penalty or accept their alternative China!
    18/02/2017 - We contact the hotel with the original reservation who inform us that they were never able to honour the booking and had informed Agoda at the time. They are able to offer us the first three days which we accept and pay the hotel directly
    19/02/2017 - We inform Agoda that we will find our own alternative accommodation and wish to cancel our booking with them. We would like a full refund and compensation for the inconvenience and added expense

    After repeated emails requesting our money be refunded and compensation paid we have eventually had to request a Merchant Chargeback through Mastercard to recover our money. Agoda customer service has been appalling and their practice has bordered on fraudulent. They have retained our payment for over 5 months whilst being aware that they were not able to honour our booking. Despite offering us the opportunity to cancel the booking and have our money refunded this has not been forthcoming.
    I would recommend all customers who book through Agoda confirm the reservation with the hotel directly.

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  • Vi
      Mar 13, 2012

    I booked for a hotel room in Malaysia for 7 days. The price showed NOK2500 (norwegian currency) for 7 days but I have been charged NOK 18, 693.67 . I feel this is so unfair since the website did not show the total amount until my creditcard was changed. I thought the whole sum was ment for 7 days stay because nothing on the website showed that it was for one day. When i request for the sum for one week i expect that they give the sum for one week and not one day. In this case I did not know that it was meant for one day. I feel the whole advertisement was misleading. When i entered my creditcard info, it did not show the total amount that I suppose to pay but automatically charged me for NOK 18, 693.67 and it did not give me any form of information or opportunity to agree with the total sum or not. I further referred to (Directive2005/29 EC Article 7 where "a commercial practice shall be regarded as misleading if in its factual context, taking account of all its features and circumstances, it omits material information that the average consumer needs og to take a transactional decision that he would not have taken otherwise. In the case of an invitation to purchase, the following information shall be regarded as material: the price inclusives of taxes, the manner the price is calculated etc and a right to withdrawal or cancellation, the existence of such a right. This whole contract should be void in the first place. They have cancelled my reservation, but they still haven't refunded my money. They did not bother to even reply my email when they promised to do so within 24 hours pertaining my cancellation fee. After reading all the complaints from this site makes me really furious. I have to call my bank if I do not get my money back within 10 days. Please stay away from AGODA.

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  • An
      Mar 18, 2012
    Agoda - booking
    United States

    Made a booking via agoda for the Auckland Hilton. The advertised room type was "King Hilton Guestroom Breakfast Advance Purchase" and the pop-up window said a maximum of two adults. But when I got the booking confirmation it said no breakfast and only one adult allowed. I complained to agoda and they replied (from a no-reply email address - very helpful) by saying "Since you are changing your booking please pay more money"!!! Hello - I'm not changing, I only want what I had paid for. Do not use agoda, it's a farce.

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  • Ma
      Apr 10, 2012

    Had the same problem accept Agoda sent us a hotel voucher so it wasn't until we arrived in Galle, SL that we were told this booking was unconfirmed and there was no room. They had actually sold the same room 3 times and for some reason only confirmed with a couple who booked 4 months after ourselves and another chap.
    The hotel was excellent and we ended up stopping in the staff quarters for our trip and they even chucked in a few drinks but Agoda are still refusing to accept any liability.
    Any advice welcomed- [protected]

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  • Sc
      Apr 11, 2012
    Agoda - incorrectly charged for failed booking

    I tried to make a booking for the M Hotel in Singapore on 30th January for a colleague. The transaction looked successful and I was given on screen a reference number [protected] and was told I would receive confirmation via email.
    No Email came.
    I rang Agoda but cannot contact them as when I entered the reference number on the phone, was told it was not a valid number.
    I rang the M Hotel to check if the booking was made and thay had no record of the booking.
    I manually booked the room for my colleague.
    Received my creditcard bill to find $687.36 charged by Agoda.
    Have tried to contact them but they offer NO phone number to speak to someone. Very poor performance. The only way to speak to them is if you quote a valid booking reference number. Poor customer service.
    I have used this company before successfully but the lack of support is astounding. I hope they read this as I have had no feedback so far on two online inquiries I have made asking them to contact me. +65 [protected]. I fyou are reading Agoda...

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  • Agoda - room were change without inform in advance and doesn't not the same as in pictures
    United Kingdom

    I booked an apartment room with agoda last month for a holiday in milton keynes. We received a confirm letter that we will stay in an apartment called "jade house".In a picture it is a luxury modern style 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, kitchen and a bathroom with a private park. Unfortunately, on the day we arrived, they said that the bathroom broke down. (They did not tell us in advance). So they put us in another apartment which is in an old condition where the heating system and water heater does not function properly. Also no elevator. The room that we were placed in is completely different from what we had booked. It was not as we were expected.

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  • Ar
      Apr 23, 2012

    Had exactly the same encounter.
    Made my booking for East Hotel Hong Kong for this weekend last night.
    The transaction looked successful as I was presented with an on-screen confirmation.
    An email also arrived, stating the same, that my booking was confirmed and I should expect a hotel voucher within the next hour.
    That email didn't come.
    Rang Agoda, not able to get thru' their system as I didn't have a booking ID (which will be found on the hotel voucher, if it was actually sent to me in the first place). Left name and contact, no one came back yet. Also leave my details via their online form, same non-response over the past 24 hours.
    Rang American Express (my credit card company), who confirmed that the amount has already been transacted, though as "floated" amount. They also tried calling the merchant twice but didn't get anywhere.
    So I'm now back to the "wait and see". All merchants have up to 3 months to finalize their billings to customers. If not completed within the allowable time frame, the amount will be "dropped off" automatically. Which goes to say - I will continue to bear the US850 "floated" amount in my credit limit, up till Agoda decides to do something about it. And when they do, I will then have to raise it to American Express to raise a dispute.

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  • Kh
      Jul 02, 2012
    Agoda - no refund

    Booked a 15 days reservation with Diamond Palace through Agoda. They lied about the room (I booked a deluxe and got a basic room). Website said cancellation is possible and refundable. Wanted to cancel after my first night and both the hotel and Agoda wouldnt do it.

    Word of advice for ANYONE traveling. Do not book with Agoda and do not make long reservations like I did. Book 1 or 2 days max to see how the hotel is and where it is located. In Phnom Penh Cambodia there are plenty of hotels to choose from and no need to reserve in advance. Its rare that a hotel is booked solid and even if it is, it is easy to find another one.

    And do not stay at Diamond Palace, it is a nice hotel but it is far from any good/cheap restaurants and far from any attractions. Get a hotel around riverside they are fairly priced.

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  • Pe
      Jul 03, 2012
    Agoda - hotel location maps
    New Zealand

    Agoda maps

    Looking for hotels in thailand using agoda can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
    On the face of it the agoda system is good.
    You look for hotels in an area and check the price and then look up the map to see where it is.
    Now this is usually good because other nearby hotels with agoda are also marked with their prices.

    But the problem is in places like thailand is that agoda are misplacing many hotels and the place mark will lead you astray.
    This happens often enough for me to zoom right in in satellite and see if there is a hotel there. Often not.
    Someone is just whacking in a place mark without zooming in to see what he/ she is doing.

    Now most of these hotels do not give phone numbers.
    You can book, pay, and have no chance of finding the hotel because it is nowhere near the map mark agoda gives.

    I give two examples below, and a free trip to the ‘sheraton hotel ‘ bangkok
    Part of the trouble is that agoda are taking no trouble to get the street names or ‘thanon’ spaeelling correct,
    So that when you look up that street on google it returns a miss.

    If you have time to waste see if you can find where the hotels below are. If you can do it in less than 30 minutes,
    I send you to the royal sheraton overlooking the dirty chao phraya river for two nights with your best friend.

    By the way agoda reviews are meaningless, it appears they select reviews. Go across to tripadvisor for hard line reviews.
    Unfortunately tripadvisor do not give maps, so you c want to go to a hotel, but you still have no knowledge of where it is.

    Palm sweet hotel
    133/27 maharatch2 road tumbon koh lak, prachuap khiri khan, thailand 77000 (Show on map) click to go there
    500 baht look ok but I can’t get there : another false hopeless map mark by agoda:

    Finally found it by avoiding all agoda references and searching for thanon ma ha rat, which is different to the agoda spelling of maharatch.
    Agoda need to take the time to spell thai roads correctly and we may have some hope of finding.

    Ladawan boutique hotel 163 moo.5 mae rumpheung bangsaphan, bang saphan, prachuap khiri khan, thailand 77140 (Show on map)
    Hopelessly misplaced by agoda on the map
    Is correctly marked by separate search on google at ramphueng road, different spelling again,
    Go down 3169 about 28 km past thap sake to bang saphan. 3169 circles town on south and goes to ¬¬ mai ruemphueng road

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  • Gl
      Oct 19, 2012
    Agoda - fraudalent practices

    I have booked a room through at Nirvana tent hostel in Goa. The address given by the webiste was pagiwada, Margao city, Goa. This address is incomplete and nobody in Margao knows this place. the number given, [protected] is switched off.I am not able to locate the hotel and was forced to take another room. I suspected this is total fraud and requested refund. But there is no reply from them.Booking No [protected]

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  • Ma
      Dec 03, 2012

    I book for two delux room through but what happened when i arrive at the hotel they said that the booking not approved by hotel management and they don't know why agoda approved it... then i have to find another hotel which is so difficult at that time most of it are full..the impact from that i have no choice to stay at the hotel which is 3 times expensive than previous... now still working to get back my money...

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  • Tw
      Dec 08, 2012

    I booked 2 nights, 27 to 29 Nov, at Taipung suite in Tainan though this on-line travel site. I found out the hotel is far from train station, I cancelled it later and booked 1 night at Tainan hotel also through them.
    After my trip, received a mail for comment on Taipung suite and found out the cancellation didn't go through. As I do not have email confirmation of taipung suite booking, I am prepared to pay no show charges which is one night. Then Agoda customer service told me the hotel said I have checked in and stayed 2 nights. I provided their booking number of Tainan hotel, 27th in and 28th out, and the check in registration of the other hotel I stayed on 28th in -29th out . Very surprise with the front desk and reservation desk of the Taipung Suite and Agoda.

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  • He
      Dec 12, 2012

    how the hell do you get in contact with AGODA ?????? They have taken $95 off my credit card & I don't know who they are & haven't used my card forever ! If there is a whole website for complaints how are they still operating ?????????????

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