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1. The impossible way to contact with the Agoda since their booking ID is not valid. Everytime we are asked to provide the booking ID which provided by Agoda but not recognized by Agoda itself. We are not able to contact either by email or by phone further.

Dear Valued Customer,

We are not able to advise any information or details of the relevant bookings due to your current email address does not match the email address provided upon booking make.

Please call in for further assistance: [protected] or [protected]

Our Customer Care is available around the clock. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further inquiry. You will need your Agoda Booking ID (9 digits), which can be found on your booking confirmation, and the last 4 digits of the credit card used to make your booking upon choosing to call us. Thank you

Agoda Customer Experience Group

2. I do receive the booking no. [protected] which I capture it on the screen on 18 Oct 2018. The hotel is Abercorn House at UK. Payment of HKD313.45 was successfully made as confirmed with the my banker this morning. I have called your office [protected] / 3071 1201 many times bur still cannot reach you since you need my booking number which you said it is invalid. Could you call me back at 852 [protected] or 852 [protected] to address this odd issue (no booking id on the booking confirmation but payment was made) ?
But they still provide the standard reply as point 1. a loop between the Agoda and the customer.

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Oct 18, 2018
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  • Wi
      Oct 19, 2018

    Dear All unhappy Agoda customers,
    Agoda`s customer service is bad!!The best to get through them and not talk to a machine, use your latest booking ID number and then the MACHINE let you hold one for almost an hour(I recorded it) i got fed up!!!That is what Agoda wants you to do to hang up the call.This is my story, maybe you can relate to this:
    In July I May I booked a hotel in Phuket through Agoda for July holiday and paid with my credit card.
    In July the receptionist informed me that I booked two rooms.I am always cautious and will never put another payment through (and punch in a bank OTP)
    The hotel said that they cannot cancel my bookings.After back from my 10 days holiday i requested my money back and they said "read Agoda cancellation policy" I wonder how many double deductions they are doing and then get the interests for months after sorting out their customers problems. Agoda is winning all the way, they repay you in an Agoda gift card(your own money)
    Now that my gift card is almost due for expiring and after many months struggling to book and get hold of accommodation with the GIFT CARD ICON, I need to put in my banking details again before my booking is confirmed!!! Never again, just to deduct the amount although my gift voucher has enough money still available.
    I am fed up!! Agoda wasting my phone bill, data, my day times to get hold of them and taking good people for a joke.I am just thinking, my opinion that they are investing and using the customers to make money.
    I will never use a holiday online booking service again because of this.It is now already 6 months, still struggling to use the use my money that was created in a voucher.
    So it seems that this is happening every day to customers of Agoda.I read a lot of review and most were of the double deduction of accommodation
    I have many pages of communication between Agoda and myself.South African Call Centre sucks too.I wonder if the call centre is really in South Africa.
    From:Never, never Again Agoda

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