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I booked 2 hotel reservations with you for Kohinoor Elite for 7th thru 13 th Jan 2019. The 2 nd reservation was with Radisson Hotel in Mumbai for 13th thru 23 rd Jan 2019. I have been trying for 2 days to cancel bot the reservations with you because you a fraud company. You supply wrong phone number son your website that belong to a Bank. You don't show on my account of the hotel bookings that I have so that I can manage to cancel my reservation. When I found your "perhaps" the fright number in the USA to cancel, I was put on hold for almost 1 1/2 hours and then got cut off. This call cost me $ 150.00. Then I called Radisson and with their help, they requested the hotel to cancel my reservation but could not reach the property because it was midnight in India.
You did the same dirty trick on me in 2017 when i was travelling to India and made reservation thru your website with Vivanta. I never got a refund although i had cancelled the reservations before the deadline. You pulled another fast one when I was travelling to Bangkok in 2015/2016. You are intentionally withholding reservation information so hat customers cannot cancel or change them. You are showing wrong phone numbers on your various websites. You don't answer phone calls. I am surprised to see thousands of complaints against your company.

***PLEASE DO NOT USE AGODA*******. They are bunch if crooks, liars and deceits.

Dec 02, 2018

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