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Afni Collections / Incorrect and fraudulent collections!

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I received a letter in the mail in July '07 stating that I owe over $600 to Verizon New York Inc. I immediately called the company and was told that the bill was from [protected] at a location that I am not familiar with hundreds of miles away from where I was living. I explained all of this to the representative "Rachel" and advised her that paying was not even an option. I had phone service where I was living during that time and was working for one of the companies that ultimately became Verizon. She listened and told me to fill out a form on their website.

I had a very uneasy feeling about the company so I started filling it out but then I canceled the entire fraudulent claim and advised her to send me the fraud claim package in the mail. She quickly advised that I had another claim for about $64. I am totally confident that wasn't the case but I listened to her and paid the $64 because it wasn't worth haggling over.

I try to maintain an impeccable credit history over the years, so needless to say I was livid about this mess. I worked for Verizon for quite a few years, had Verizon landline service for many years and have had their wireless service for many years. There is no way on this earth that they would allow me to have service with them if I owed them that money.

Thanks to all who complained about this company. I now know my next steps. I will definitely contact an attorney for assistance.

Something is not quite right with this company.

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  • Li
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I recently received an letter from AFNI regarding a ~5000 bill for a Verizon acct from 1996. I suspect this company is using some sort of phishing scam by using limited info to attempt to collect debts from whomever they can find has a similar ss# and address to the one associated with the acct. . I lost a half day of work (and some sleep) over this as I filed a police report stating that this might be a case of ID theft. I also sent a letter to the NYS attorney general's office. Then sent a letter and documentation to AFNI stating that I had done these things and demanding to see the proof that this acct was in my name.

    I used the following letter as a template
    /URL removed/

    I sent this letter with return receipt confirmation and then about 2 weeks after sending the letter i heard from afni that the case was closed. Don't pay these jerks a dime and contact your state's att. general bc. they are almost certainly engaging in some unethical activities.

  • Fr
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR ECONOMY GOES DOWN THE TUBE...### comes learking after innocent people!

    I am also going thru this hassle with Afni. I have been sent a bill stating that I owe Verizon 235.23. Since my 20's, I have had the same phone service with a different company and have no idea what this bill is about.

    This letter states that they will take a discounted payment offer of 15.00?? Really, what a deal! They want me not to pay the 235.23 but instead just pay 15.00! Do people really pay bills that are not even theirs?? Maybe some do, but I am not a fool! LOL I am going to check on my credit report and see if they are on it. If they are- is it worth sueing for the hassle they are causing us??

    Crap like this makes people go's not like we are not stressed enough in our wonderful world of finance!

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