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This morning, November 28, 2016 at 0817 I received and email from aeroplan indicating that my pre-booked flight (reference number SSQJXV) on December 10th had been changed to departing on the same day of receiving the notification of change. Instead of flying out of Vancouver on December 10th (as originally booked), it was changed to flying out of Vancouver on November 28th, 12 days before my original scheduled flight! On top of that the connection change was on November 28th (Vancouver to Calgary), but the flight from Calgary to Toronto (end destination) remained on December 10th...a 12 day stop over in Calgary!! To say the least I was in disbelief and stunned by such an absurd change. I immediately tried to call the areoplan customer service line but kept getting the message that due to high volumes that my call could not be taken, nor could I wait on hold, that I would have to try calling back another time. Considering that you had rescheduled me to fly out on that same day at 1430, it was kind of a necessity that I speak with someone, and could not be fixed by visiting your website. I tried calling Air Canada Customer service, but they could not help me because you are separate. I also left a message on your Facebook page, but no answer to that either. I finally was able to get through, waited on hold for over an hour, and 4 hours later I was able to get this issue resolved. The person I spoke to was polite and did fix the problem, but not once did I get an apology for the error, or we are going to do everything to get this fixed for you. Where has the customer service gone? This error caused by your company wasted 4 hours of my time today and caused me unneeded stress and frustration. I am grateful that it is all worked out, but left feeling that my time wasted should be compensated in some way. I cannot even put into words how this impacted my day today. I do not have 4 hours to waste dealing with these things, yet that's exactly the position I was put in. I would appreciated a timely response back.

Thank you for your time in this matter,
Liz Stockman

Nov 28, 2016

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