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A&E Factory Services / no replacement of ge refrigerator parts

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31 August 06: AEFS told us they would replace the entire freezer door and the electrical components in it. They said all the replacement parts would be sent to our home and to call them when we received them all to arrange for them to come back out and remove and replace the parts.
17 October 06: Still no door, only the small parts. We have called and they say the door was never ordered. They say well golly gee guess we will order it. This has gone on for over two (2) months now! They are rude and indignant on the phone. They only offer the same rhetoric over and over again! They snivel and lie behind their wall of anonymity like all little cowards! I would love to slap them across the face for all the frustration they have caused us.

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      6th of Nov, 2009
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    A&E Factory Services - rudeness, lies, incompetence
    District of Columbia
    United States

    You cannot trust anything this company says. Here is a sample of the lies they tell you:

    Lie 1. A technician will be there between 8-12 (this happened 3 times and he was never there even by 3 PM)
    Lie 2. A technician will be there between 4:30-7 (this was said and then at 8 PM, after spending hours I was told the assignment had been cancelled hours before and that noone would be coming)
    Lie 3. The people at the service center (the 800 number) cannot call the technician dispatcher (many people told me this, and then all the sudden on my tenth exasperated call a new person said of course they can call the dispatcher, and did twice)
    Lie 4. The technician is familiar with your machine and can fix it (this was untrue, he had never worked on the brand, and it was worse after he left)
    Lie 5. The call center will message the dispatcher and the dispatcher will call the customer (this would only be an inefficient system if it worked. Instead, the dispatcher simply never calls the customer. This happened five times.)

    Oh, and the machine is still broken.

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      4th of Apr, 2011
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    A&E Factory Services - terrible service
    United States

    A copy of my email sent via their website:

    I will never use you folks again and I will tell all my friends what a bad experience I had with you last week. My technician was supposed to be at my house between 1 and 5. So, I take a half day vacation to be home waiting for someone to show up. 5 o’clock rolls around and still no tech and no call. I call the customer no service line and was told they would contact tech and have him call me. 5:30 comes up and still no call. I call back and am told the tech, who is in the same city I am located, will be at my house at 6:30. 6:30 rolls around and still no tech. I then get a phone call from you folks saying that your computers were down and they, and the tech, had no idea that I wasn’t serviced yet and we needed to reschedule. I say no he will be here tonight to service my stove. She says no we have to reschedule. I am pissed by this point. First – the tech never made contact with me; secondly – I was told he would be there by 6:30; thirdly – the lady lied to me saying they didn’t know wasn’t serviced yet. That is bs!!! I wasted a half day vacation, my evening plans, and my time with you folks. I called has home warranty to complain about you folks and demanded that they never send you again. I will be posting everywhere I can to inform my contacts of your customer no service in trying to reach customer satisfaction – in which there was none – just a rude lady telling me basically tough luck! I just called your info line to have your automated machine quit calling me to reschedule and hope that I never hear from you folks again.

    An unsatisfied and disappointed past customer,
    Steve watson

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