A&e Factory Service (Formerly Sears)merciless termination

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I am so angry. My husband is a hard working man with years or experience. He worked as a service tech for A&E and was highly praised by his customers. He recently got awards for his work. He was a hard worker and showed up for work on time day after day. Few people have the expertise in this field and are as reliable as my husband. Sears terminated him for wearing open back shoes that he wore when it was about 94 degrees outside. He told his boss that he would never do it again yet he was still terminated and was never given a letter of warning. I don't think I will ever shop there are recommend this company again. This is a merciless act on the part of A&E, (formerly Sears). A&E has the greater loss.

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  • Jo
      Feb 27, 2011

    For the person that purchased the IKEA refrigerator. First, you DON'T have to accept a damaged product at delivery no matter what you are told, (apparently you didn't do your research). Second, the IKEA brand is junk, again, no research. Third, there are NO United States based parts suppliers for IKEA, therefore the technician will not have IKEA replacement parts in truck stock. Once again, no research on YOUR part. Fourth, If the technicians carried every part for every appliance that they worked on (which everyone thinks they do) they would have to drive a tractor trailer. Its not the repair company's fault that YOU didn't do the required research and bought a sub standard product. What happens when you put a new operational part on a turd? At the end of the day you still have a turd...To all uneducated CONSUMERS, before you purchase an expensive appliance, do extensive research, spend time reading and talking to local technicians to find out what they don't work on as much. Money is hard to come by, don't waste it by being lazy an caught up in the "oh, shinny! I just have to have it!" syndrome. Last but not least, scheduling. If you are not home 1/2 hour before or after an appt. time, (this is common sense), you will get a little yellow tag on your door asking you to call in and reschedule your service call. Once the technician pushes the not home icon on his computer, the service call gets deleted from the system for that day and the tech cant bring it back. Technicians are extremely overbooked, if you're not home they will go on to the next customer. The company scrutinizes over drivetime and time on service calls so the tech does what he or she has to do in order to keep their job. Thats just the way the buisness is, and it has been that way for years. These are just some common sense tips from a service technician.

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