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A&E Factory Service / horrible service!

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A tale about A&E Factory Service - more accurately know as A&E Factory NON-Service - for a Whirlpool Dryer in Raleigh, NC.

On Sept 6, an A&E technician is dispatched to our home by Whirlpool Warranty Service to diagnose a problem with our $900 Whirlpool dryer that is less than 1 year old. The technician says the electronic control needs to be replaced, but does not have the part, and will have it ordered immediately. A&E calls back later that day to inform us that the part is not available, has been ordered and should arrive in 10 days! I'm under a lot of pressure here, because a major reason for my investing in this dryer is it's high-capacity, which is crucially important to my family of ten. 10 days!! But, aren't they "Factory" service??? How hard is it to get this part?

On day 6 (Sep 12), A&E calls back and says it will be at least 5 more days for the part to arrive! Thus commences the lies and misinformation. I had serious doubts A&E had actually ordered this part as they could not provide me any tracking information. You see, this is chump warranty work, and I was a LOW, LOW priority.

So, on Wed, Sep 13, I called A&E trying to find out why it is so hard to get this part, only to be hurried off the phone with the obligatory response of, "It is out of our control. When the part comes in we will set up an appointment to replace it." So, I go on the internet - knowing nothing about obtaining Whirlpool dryer parts - and in less than 10 minutes have found the part readily available through several vendors. I call A&E and let them know, BUT of course, they have a "process" they must follow - mind you, not a desire to provide fast service. So, I call Whirlpool, whom A&E are contracted by. Alas, Whirlpool parts center has 39 in stock and they will express ship the part. So, I teleconference A&E and Whirlpool (partners, eh?) and attempt to assist A&E in getting the part to me right away. You see, if I acquired it myself, I would have to pay for it. Only A&E could order it from Whirlpool.

I call back the next day (Thu, Sep 14), but am unable to confirm through A&E operator if the part was ordered, and am given an appointment for Sept 27th, just in case the part comes in by then. The operator tells me she has no way to confirm if the part is ordered. Wow, they care - NOT! So, Friday the 15th I pursue A&E again and remind them that the part is at Whirlpool and can be expressed shipped if only they would call to order it. The first thing the A&E operator mentions is that they will not pay for express shipping. Five extra dollars to a company the size of A&E is too much, when my business means so little. After much pursuit, the A&E operator obliges me by setting up the repair appointment for Tues, Sep 19th. Well, that is what she told me, anyway. That same day (Fri, 9/15), I also call Whirlpool customer service to see if they will help ensure that A&E orders the part from them and would they please express ship it. The Whirlpool representative seems glad to help and leads me to believe I can receive the part by Monday.

I call A&E on Monday to see if the part is on its way, and to see if I have the appointment on Tuesday. Well, it really should be no surprise that without calling me, A&E cancelled the Tuesday appointment because they knew they had not ordered the part yet!! Wow! Another call to Whirlpool on Tues, Sep 19, to get them to act on my behalf with A&E and get them to order the part leads me to believe that the part is finally ordered because the Whirlpool agent says it will definitely be at my home on Thu, Sep 21. I call A&E again to get an earlier appointment than Sep 27th. I am grudgingly given an appointment for Friday afternoon, Sep 22nd.

A&E calls my wife on Thursday, 9/21, around 3pm to see if the part has arrived. Sadly, my wife tells the truth and says, "no". The A&E operator instructs my wife to call by the end of the day to confirm whether or not the part arrives, but gives no deadline. My wife calls A&E at about 4:30pm when the part arrived only to find out that A&E canceled the appointment without notice and will not reschedule. A&E was dead-determined to keep the Sep 27th appointment, no matter what.

No matter how much pleading and explaining I did when I called back on Friday morning, I could not get any other appointment other than Sep 27th - 3 weeks after the problem was diagnosed as being a problem with a part that takes 2 days to get and 5 minutes to install!!! Furthermore, the A&E operator tries to pretend that I never had an appointment for Fri, 9/22, that it was always - and only - for Wed, 9/27. Later, in the same conversation she slips by mentioning that my wife caused the problem by failing to return their call on time the previous day. I retort, that if I never had an appointment for this day (Fri, 9/22), then why did we get a call from A&E the day before inquiring about the arrival of the part? She was tongue tied and said, of course, there was nothing she could do. She then thanked me for my business and ended the call.

I cannot stand the thought of giving A&E any business, so a light bulb finally goes off in my head. On Monday, Sep 25th, I call Whirlpool and ask if there is anyone else I can go through to get this part installed. The Whirlpool agent calls me back in 10 minutes to inform me that I have an appointment with another service provider in Raleigh who will be there the next morning to install the part. And, like magic, a technician from Mr. Appliance arrives to install the part.

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  • Tr
      2nd of Jan, 2007
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    A & E Factory Service - Refused to honor Warranty
    United States

    These guys are simply terrible. So many issues and it's been over four months and the dishwasher is still not repaired. It's a KitchenAid dishwasher yet KitchenAid has been more than helpful.

    The pump went out most likely due to some piece of glass or broken plate making it's way into the pump. That may be a poor design but A&E says 'customer abuse' and not covered by warranty. I paid for service and part, then KitchenAid says they would honor the warrantee and gave me an authorization number. A&E has been nothing but a runaround, first saying one thing, then adding conditions, then finally changing their story and not honoring KitchenAid's own authorization.

    Took three trips for pump repair, then the display panel went out. They ordered the wrong part and another four trips for that. They called four times in one day for the same issue.

    A flat F for service. Out of five different repair persons, two I would say knew their stuff and apologized for the company, the other three were straight arrogant jerks.

  • Da
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    A&e Factory Service - Amana Bottom Freezer - What a company! Never call A&E!
    United States

    My 9 year old Amana bottom freezer stopped cooling. It had a 10 year warranty on the cooling parts. Called the number in the Amana manual and they sent somebody from Osbornes Appliance in Bellevue,WA. He said there was a leak and they really didn't service Amana warranty due to not getting paid by them. According to him the problem was in the sealed unit.He said for $400 they could spray something that would stop the leak. Yeah right. Taht was on January 22nd.

    Called Amana back and they sent A&E Factory service. I told them the problem was in the sealed unit and could they send the right parts. They said the he probably would not have the parts. The guy came on January 27th, he pulled the refer out and opened the back. He took out his sniffer to check for leaks. His batteries were dead so I had to lend him some batteries. Yup, the leak is in the condenser and of course he didn't have the part and had to order it.

    Parts came and the next guy shows on February 7th. He opens the freezer unit and opens the back. He says the leak is not in the condenser and he will emergency order the parts. I talk to A&E and they said to get it expedited to call the next morning after the work order is processed. I do that and I'm promised a call back in an hour. Yeah right. A few hours later I talk to a regular person and she tells me the parts will take 4 to 6 business days. That's some emergency, finally I get to talk to a supervisor or tells me there is nothing she can do. I ask her to schedule the appointment in a week, she says she can't do it until the parts get there. I ask her to at least overnight another set of parts, of course she can't do that either. I ask to speak to her supervisor but she says she's in the executive division and there is nobody higher.

    What a company! Never call A@E!

  • Ra
      3rd of Apr, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I called A & E to repair my 3 week old dishwasher. A serviceman came out in 2 weeks, he said my dishwasher needed a mother board. He would order it and he did, it arrived 1 week later. Ok this is where it gets good a & e gave me an appointment 2 weeks later. He calls at 8:30 am while I m in the shower. I called back at 9:05 they said it was to late I would have to wait 2 weeks for another appointment.

  • Pa
      16th of Apr, 2007
    -2 Votes

    You guys need to not whine like little ### when things get difficult. William is an example of the worst kind of customer; An impatient one. Oh my, 10 days! Get a life, William. Don't you have more important things to do to feed your 10 person family than to call back multiple times just to have the poor people who have to answer your call feel all warm and fuzzy about themselves?

    Some people just don't realize that to stay competitive in the the market place A&E probably acquires the parts they need through an obscure provider. All of the effort that William put into conferencing calls between A&E and Whirlpool wasn't helping at all. William should have just thought critically about that first before going through a lot of work that, no doubt, played a part in making him angry enough to post his whining to this blog.

    To be fair though, A&E should probably have grown themselves some testicles, told William to go with another factory service company if he didn't like the time frames he was given, and saved themselves the trouble of dealing with a *&^%$ like William. After all, look how it turned out in the end for A&E in the end. They invested a lot of time communicating with William that could have been used to help their other clients that were actually willing to do business with them. The time that they wasted on William turned out to be in vain. Forgoing customer service and telling William to *(^& OFF in the beginning would have done a lot of good by cutting A&E's losses.

  • Je
      18th of Apr, 2007
    -2 Votes

    A&E factory service is a horrible rude company. On Saturday the 7 of April 2007 a service tech by the name of Tom (ID 0908566) came out to what we thought was repair our refrigerator. He stated that the relay needed to be replaced so my husband allowed him to replace it. The total charge for this service call was $226.80.

    Break down of costs:
    Labor $183.00
    Tax labor $11.90
    Parts $29.95
    Tax parts $1.95
    TOTAL $226.80

    One hour after the tech left our refrigerator quit working once again. My husband called A&E back and the first customer service rep. told him the tech would be right back out to the house. After 45 minutes I called customer service back which then told me he had been off the clock for an hour and that there was nothing they could do until Monday at least. Upon further examination of the old relay that the tech left behind it had a large burn mark on it where it had been shorting out for quite some time. If this technician is a “Certified Maytag” repair man why was he not qualified enough to check the compressor that was causing the short in the relay. We spent the better of our day on Monday April 9 between Maytag and A&E. The only time that we spoke with some one helpful and nice is when my husband spoke with a lady by the name of Wanda in the Corporate offices of Maytag. A&E could have cared less that we had been without a refrigerator at that point since Friday evening and were out $226.80. What did they care they already had our money. Wanda was very helpful though. She refunded our money and had it set up with A&E to come out the same day to repair or at least order what needed to be repaired. Tom called me later that afternoon and stated that he was ordering the compressor for the fridge. I questioned him seeing as the first repair he made wasn’t the correct fix apparently. He stated that the reason the relay quit working was because the compressor was going out. (Which my husband and I already knew that by now!!!!) Would’ve been nice if he checked the compressor before he left at his prior appt. When I spoke with the Tom he gave me specific instruction to call when the compressor came in and someone would be out to repair it. I called once the compressor came in the first service date they could give me was not until Saturday April 14. That was completely unacceptable. I explained the situation of having a child and needing to keep her milk and certain foods cold for her and that we had spent a large amount of money in ice and was told that I basically needed to deal with it. I was told by a second A&E rep if I contacted Maytag that maybe something could happen sooner. So I did and the customer service rep at Maytag contacted A&E and had it set up for me to call A&E again and they would set me up sooner. When I contacted A&E again they set me up for later that afternoon. The scheduler went through and called the Supervisor for scheduling or the Tech manager to make sure it was ok. She got the clear from whomever she spoke with and told me I could expect a tech to come out after 1:00. One hour after it took me 3 &1/2 hours to set up the appt, A&E called to cancel the appt. They then told me I could not have service until THE FOLLOWING WEEK That was absolutely ridiculous. The A&E rep tried to tell me again to call Maytag back and they would re-set me up for later that day. I asked why I had been cancelled in the first place and that the appt. was originally set up because of the problems we had been experiencing. She had no answers. I then called Maytag while my husband called A&E. My husband was told that the reason we were scheduled out so far was because they only had one Maytag tech that could make the repair and he was not available until then. Which by the way is absolutely ridiculous seeing as they are the main referral from Maytag. How can you possibly give good service to customers if the all have to wait for one certified tech. Maytag however set us up with another company to finish the repair- Custom Air Systems, that is after I said I was going to contact my local news channels and newspapers. Maytag originally set up the service call with them for the next day but after I got off the phone with them Debbie from Custom Air Systems called to let me know they were going to send some one out before the end of their business day. Finally someone who saw the need for us to have the repair completed!!!

    After all the horrible service we received we will never by another Maytag appliance. A&E has by far some of the rudest and disrespectful people working for them. As far as I am concerned A&E is a direct reflection of Maytag. I can’t see how it is appropriate to leave people with out a refrigerator for a week or longer. If it would not have been for Custom Air Systems we would have been out of a fridge for almost 1 &1/2 weeks, if not 2 weeks.

  • Ed
      30th of May, 2007
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    A&E Factory Service - Avoid by any mean services from A&E Factory Service!
    United States

    I have a 2 years old Kitchen Aid Fridge who lately started to overwork. With settings at the warmest, the freezer still managed to freeze my Vodka.

    Not finding anything specifically about that in the Trouble Shooting documents of the appliance, I called Kitchen Aid support line hoping to learn about the location of the thermostat, but I did not get to talk to a technical support and only got offered to have a technical person sent to my home and have a look at the problem.

    Inquiring about the cost I learnt that there will be a $69 basic fee for the specialist to come to my house and the rest will depend on the time and the parts needed to fix the problem. The appointment was scheduled within 5 days. So far, so good!

    The person arrived on time; got straight to the hidden thermostat; changed it in 5 minutes; placed a thermometer in the freezer; asked to use my bathroom; spent another 5 minutes in there; checked the thermometer; offered to change, free of labor charge, the water filter which was due; did it in 1 minute; wrote his bill; charge my credit card and left.

    I don’t mind the $69 basic fee; neither the $47.22 for the water filter or the $31.75 for the thermostat (even if after checking I found these items online for 60% that price). But the $114 labor for a job that took less than 12 minutes (including the bathroom stop that I forgot to charge him for) is day light robbery! This corresponds to a labor rate of $600/h. Did I ask for a brain surgeon or a handy man?

    Avoid by any mean services from A&E Factory Service. I am also writing this note to Kitchen Aid, and to all other appliance brands that I can think of to help them make the right decision to protect their brand name by cancelling the use of A&E Factory Service.

  • Jo
      6th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes
    A&E Factory Services - Repair was never fixed
    United States

    Repair tech said he fixed the washing machine.So he ran the washer through its cycle before he left and five minutes later the machine quit running again. I called A&E Factory service five minutes after he left and was told that they would contact the tech and get back to me regarding a time frame for his return. I received no reply! I called the service center again and was told that they could come back another time. The only time that I could be at home without taking another day off work was 10 days later.

    If they can't fix my washing machine that I payed extra for an extended warranty. They should work around my schedule.

    Can't fix it the first time , Why should I have to take another day off work with out pay?

    John Hansen
    Antelope, Ca

  • Jo
      13th of Jun, 2007
    +1 Votes

    My washer was leaking water. We called A&E for service, extended warranty, next appointment was in 7 days between 8 and 5. Tech shows up, finds the leak and orders the parts. Reschedule date 14 days. A different tech shows up and claims to be the master for this machine. Proceeds to replace the leaking tub, which was ordered, and changes the transmission with one from his truck. Proceeds to put everything back together and then realizes the agitator does not fit on the new style transmission. Claims the first tech should have ordered a "kit" with all of the parts. The kit will be in in 7 - 10 days with a reschedule for 14 days. The "kit" never arrives so I call to track the it. They have the wrong tracking #, then find the right number and the "kit" will arrive the day of the scheduled call. Today is the scheduled call and A&E calls by phone to see if the "kit" has arrived. When I tell them the scenario she tells me the service will have to be rescheduled as the "kit" hasn't arrived. My wife, not knowing what I am going through, calls A&E and is told the "kit" is on back order with no delivery date. It is now 5 weeks without a washer for a family of 5. I canceled the service call and if the "kit" arrives I will install it myself. This is the worst experience I have ever had trying to fix a broken appliance. The appliance store I use will be notified as they sold me the extended warranty.

  • Sh
      3rd of Jul, 2007
    +1 Votes

    On June 23rd the service tech from A&E arrived at our house for a broken Whirlpool dryer. This was a warranty call. It took them over 1 week to arrive. Of course, they had to order the part which arrived on June 28th directly from Sears to our house. While the service tech was at on house on the 23rd, he scheduled an appointment for July 3rd. He specifically asked whether morning or afternoon was better. My husband told him that the morning would be great. He scheduled it for between 8am and 12noon. Since the damage was caused by a water leak it was not a covered service. The entire bill of over $300 was paid on this day by us. I have the receipt verifying this and the scheduled appointment between 8am and 12noon. My husband took the morning off of work and rescheduled his meetings for the afternoon on July 3rd to be here for the service tech.

    Well it is now July 3rd (9pm)and my dryer is still not fixed. At 11:30am, my husband called A&E and was told to have some patience since it is not noon and we are on the list for service. Ok, he can deal with that. At 1:00pm he called again to see what was going on, as he had a 2pm appointment (which he eventually had to cancel). He was told that it was never guaranteed that they would arrive between 8am and 12noon even though the receipt says that. He was told that they have until 5pm to arrive and that the tech would call us. Ok, he will wait.

    Well now it's 5:10pm and no one is here at the house and no call has been received from the tech. My husband calls A&E again and speaks with the supervisor Roger. Now he is frustrated. Roger apologizes and says that we are the next stop. The tech is only about 10 minutes from our house on another call. He will have the tech call us. It will definitely get done today. My husband informs tell Roger that we had previous plans so our 16 year old son would be home when the tech gets here. He is told that the person at home must be at least 18 years of age or the service tech will leave. So now, we track down the 21 year old son to come home and wait. He cancels his plans to come sit at the house and wait for the repair man.

    Guess what, it is now 7pm and no service tech. My husband calls A&E back AGAIN and this times speaks to yet a different person. It is really interesting that every time he called he has He was told, this time, that we were called at 2pm to reschedule by the service tech. Well that is not true, I will have phone records to dispute this if needed. My husband never received a call on his cell phone nor were there any messages on our home answering machine. It's hard to miss the call when you sat home all day waiting for the repair man. I cannot tolerate companies that lie and I am a little tired of going to the laundromat when the part is sitting on my kitchen counter for almost a week now. It gets a little expensive too for a family of 6.

    We have gotten nowhere with A&E and still do not have a rescheduled appointment. I am contacting Whirlpool on July 5th when they open as well as the Better Business Bureau to let them know about this company. We never received an honest answer from A&E. We paid for a service and we expect honesty. We requested that someone contact us so we can get our money back and find another company that wants our business, but that's probably not documented either. I suggest that no one do business with A&E until they can learn how to service customers properly.

  • De
      29th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I had A&E sent to my home from Lowes because my Maytag dishwasher was making loud noises and dumping out ( Not cycling right) My husband stood there right over him while he took it apart. when he opened it up the chopping blade was off and in the well. He picked it up and put it back on and said that was $144.00. My husband said why its only 7 months old and covered under warranty. He said No it was abuse, you had a piece of plastic in there. He said I seen what you did. The guy got all red and demanded his money. My husband said I am not paying you. He left here yelling I will take you to collections! That was 4 weeks ago, we got the bill in the mail haven't paid it.

  • Jo
      17th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    My story is so similar to this and others, even to the part about my speaking to a tech to reschedule(twice)-outright lie! Like this complaining is going to mean something!

  • Gm
      26th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    After purchasing an Amana/Maytag/Whirlpool refrigerator in November 2005, the fan went out. A&E, the nationwide factory service authorized agent for Amana, etc., set an appointment for 9/22/07; of course, they would only set an "appointment" that was in a four hour block of time (8-12 or 1-5). The tech diagnosed that the fan had come loose; his solution was to super glue the fan back on. I questioned that this "solution" would not be permanent. He assured me that if the fan broke again I can set a new appointment with the guarantee that the correct part would be on the tech's truck when the tech was dispatched. (A&E's tech laughed at the fact that A&E's "charge" to Maytag was $183.00, per the receipt.) Fan began breaking off again 9/24/07. Called A&E at 10 AM CST for a new appointment but asked for a call back from A&E that the part would be on the truck since it would be pointless for me to take off work if the repair could not be effectively accomplished. At 10:30 PM I learned from the rude A&E call center rep that the part would not be on the truck. (I further learned that A&E's call center will disconnect any call that is being recorded by the consumer, even though A&E records its calls. What in the world are they afraid of? Answer: of having a customer record their "service" to a consumer.) On 9/25/07, I learned from another A&E call center rep that A&E's "policy" is to dispatch a tech for a second appointment, with no applicable part on the truck, so that the tech can then "order" the part from the customer site; subsequently, A&E will schedule still another appointment when the part is in. (Of course, all appointments are on a four hour window, which creates havoc for all of us who don't particularly want to twiddle our thumbs for four hours waiting for a tech. I guess that A&E thinks we have nothing more important to do.) A&E's quoted policy to dispatch a second and third time is ludicrous, to say the least, since the problem was already diagnosed during the first visit. After going through Amana/Maytag/Whirlpool's call center, which then went through A&E's call center, a manager level of A&E's call center now claims that the fan and the motor will be sent to me this week and that I can wait with baited breath for a A&E tech to show up sometime between 8-5PM Saturday to install the parts. WE'LL SEE IF THIS HAPPENS. When I purchased my refrigerator, I deliberately did NOT want to purchase anything from Sears. To learn that I have to deal with A&E, an affiliate of Sears, is appalling. A&E's conduct, as well as the conduct of its call center, confirmed everything that is wrong with Sears. I additionally, notified Home Depot, from which I purchased the refrigerator, that this service was horrible and that it is mind-boggling that I can only deal with "call centers," not the actual company that manufactured the appliance and not the actual company that services the appliance. The executives of Home Depot need to ensure that the appliances they sell carry effective after-market servicing agreements. Furthermore, I will not purchase an Amana/Maytag/Whirlpool appliance again as long as they contract with A&E. Anyone know how to contact A&E and Amana/Maytag/Whirlpool directly and bypass call centers?

    Plz advise smb!

  • Ta
      1st of Oct, 2007
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    I have had a similar horrible experience with A&E Factory Service related to the service of my Kitchen Aid microwave which is under a service contract with KitchenAid.

  • Pe
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    A&E Factory Repair - Lack of service!
    United States

    I have a Kitchenaid Microwave that quit working after only 6 months. I called Whirlpool and was told to call A&E for service. I called and was given a service appointment for 8/22/07. The technician showed up and said all the internal parts needed to be replaced and placed an order for parts. He told me to call for repair appointment when all parts had been received at my home. I called on September 10th when all parts were received to schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and install the repair parts. I was given an appointment for 9/19/2007 between 8am and 12 noon. I received a call at 10am on 9/19/2007 from their customer service to verify I was at home. I told them I was anxiously awaiting their arrival. Twelve noon came around and no technician. I called customer service who told me no one was home so I would have to re-schedule. I told them no one ever came to my home and that I took the day off work to wait for the technician and to send him out promptly. I was told he was out of the area and I would have to re-schedule. I asked to speak to a supervisor who stated the same thing--their records showed no one home. I told her he lied and that I was there all along and had been called but she said it did not matter I had to re-schedule. I made another appointment for 10/2/2007 between 8am and 12noon. On 10/2/07 I called customer service at 8am to confirm. I was told I was number two on the service route. She stated she would have the technician call and confirm. No call by 9am so I called again. I then was told I would have to hold for a supervisor. I got disconnected and called back again. I then was told I hung up on them. I was connected to a supervisor who said "you are not on any route today!". I couldn't believe my ears. I was clearly upset and she said we are a very big national company and cannot just send someone out just because you took the day off work again! I told her I had all the parts and was going to call someone else more reputable to fix my microwave after 7 weeks and she said the parts belonged to A&E and that I would have to pay for them. I immediately called Whirlpool and asked for another company. I was given the name of a local repair shop who came out in two days an was courteous and fixed the broken microwave. I told Whirlpool that I could not understand how they could contract with such an unprofessional company as A&E and that I had received no service on my microwave.

  • Aa
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Im a appliance tech and here is what you do. There has to be a factory trained appliance store in your area that are able to do warranty repairs call one of then and you more then likly will get a human on the phone to set up your service call. Also about the four hour window that is normal. The thing with that is we have three or four jobs in the morning and three or four more in the afternoon and we have no idea how long the job is going to take us to complete so we can not give exact times when we will be there. I hope this helps you

  • La
      11th of Oct, 2007
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  • An
      21st of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Here are some results of my horrible contacts with A&E FACTORY SERVICE: Lies, deceptions, full incompetence, unprofessionalism, rude, disrespectful attitude. From October 08 to OCT 17 they could not change oven igniter, could not find what part number needed even with help of computer, they could not find where they sent the part. On Oct 17 I had to cancel A&E next appointment. It took 2 hours for technician from different service company to arrive to me and another 15 min to install igniter. I will never ever deal with A&E FACTORY SERVICE.

  • Ka
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    A & E Factory Service - Most screwed up service
    United States

    Two weeks ago A & E was contacted to fix a problem with a two year old Kitchenaid dishwasher. They came in and mis-diagnosed the problem (replaced a control panel that wasn't the problem). Two weeks later and ordering another new part, they discover it was a handle problem. Now 140.00 later and two weeks without a dishwasher, I had an appointment scheduled between 1-5 today to finally repair the crux of the original problem. I called in this morning to find out more specifically when they would show up this afternoon. I was told I was on the end of their route for the day. I went out on my deck to water plants and missed their call which told me that because they couldn't reach me by phone they would take me off their route for the day. I talked to three supervisors about the issue and got no resolution. Had to rearrange my schedule to be available the next day (tomorrow). I would NEVER use these people again and will never buy another SEARS product because of this. This is the most screwed up service I have ever had the unpleasant opportunity to know. Please don't use them or buy SEARS products because of them. I will never buy a Kitchenaid product again either.

  • Br
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    A&E Factory Service Just cancelled my Third Appointment for a Newer Kitchen Aid Oven purchased at Lowes; an oven that has already been out of action for one month due to a prior service call. On each occasion they offered an excuse and then cordially agreed to assure me of another service one week or more later. What adds insult to injury however is that on each occasion, after waiting in my home, they wait until end of day to cancel the appointment!

    Calling Whirlpool Customer Service to voice my concern over the no-shows hasn't helped either. For example, after the second no-show, they arranged a priority #1 service appointment directly with A&E Service -- this service was also cancelled like the others. I’m still without an oven, and the problem hasn’t even been diagnosed, part ordered, and return visit scheduled…

    I shudder at the thought of thinking this, but could it be the savings benefit to Whirlpool of not servicing the appliance that is actually driving the poor service, or is A&E just as bad as everyone has indicated?

    Comments and suggestions welcome!

  • Je
      16th of Nov, 2007
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