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Fairfax, VA, United States

Is that what advance auto part management would like to see? such actions? Would this imply good ethics standards between employees, clients, management and even the whole society?
We are as clients expecting to see the normal ethics and a set of standards of behavior that we used to see in other competitors' stores, and each and every store of Advance auto parts including this store.

I walked into the store where I asked an associate to rent me a tool to take out a steering wheel.
She has asked the assistant manger, who told her to give me. a book to look for the tool. I don't know why i have to look for it if i am already knowing what tool I need.
Anyways I was lost to select the needed tool with no help from anyone in the store to clarify, but finally, i selected it.
I had a small question about the dimension of the tool that I will rent so to ensure it will help my mechanic to perform the job.
So she asked again the assistant manager and i was trying to clarify to the assistant manager my request. Before I even say a word, he immediately responded, I did not need to know about your case you deal with it. So i said but i get used to find someone who helps me to locate the correct tool or spare part so not to waste your time and my time. He did not respond and he kept working on the pc without an eye contact or paying attention to what I am saying. He also started another conversation with someone else while I am talking. Very rude behavior and I don't understand why he is pissed to answer a regular question, he would have just answered I don 't know.
I said is this how you deal with your customers in this store?
I will definitely report this to your manager. I went ahead and reported this to the customer service team, who promised that management will get back to me in 3 days. I never heard back any feedback from the management. I guess they don't care about their customers anymore.

Sep 15, 2017

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