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Resolved fraud and cheating

Advance Auto Parts purchases old car parts, replaces a very minimal amount of whats needed, paints and...

Resolved bogus/useless warranty

Please read!!! When buying batteries from advance auto parts, check the warranty period very carefully! They give you a useless, bogus, warranty. They warranty batteries for 90 days with no prorated period. So, if you spend 79.99 on a battery like I did, and it goes bad 9 months later, you are s. O. L. They dont care, all they offer to do is sell you another $80 pos. They dont care about the public like they say, all they care about is putting the mighty dollar in their pocket while screwing the public. Well, they got their last mighty dollar from me. With any luck, they will get what is coming to them in this economy... Bankruptcy!

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    Claude91098 Feb 27, 2009

    Actually, different Advance Auto Parts stores have different policies which are determined by that particular store's manager. The store I worked in gave no questions asked replacements on batteries as long as it still had the date code or proof of purchase was in our computer. (Had to be from OUR store or verified by the actual store of purchase.) The battery must not be capable of holding a charge.
    The batteries we sold were regular(1 year warranty), Silver (2 year warranty) and Gold (3 year warranty). During the initial warranty period you are entitled to ONE free replacement battery, the same as turned in. AFTER that, the warranty is pro-rated towards the price of the new battery. The battery check machine issues a "code" which is typed into the computer during checkout. The proram automatically figures the pro-rate amount.

    Additionally, SOME AAP stores offer a 10% military discount while others do not. It's manager's descretion since it lowers the profit of the store. Brakes: Some store give a "lifetime replacement" on the Gold brakes while others do not. Again, manager's descretion.
    Anytime you have a problem, ALWAYS insist, politely, to speak to THE manager of the store, not an assistant or shift manager. It may require you returning when the manager is there, but usually they will do whatever they can to accomodate you, WITHIN REASON! (And NO, I don't work at AAP anymore.)

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    DownWithGreed Mar 22, 2009

    Wow! I completely agree with you there. And Not just the batteries, pretty much anything to do with warranties. I also agree with you on the only caring about the money part also. For what AAP want's it's employees to do the pay totally sucks. Employees are expected to do everything at once with low pay. AAP expects its employees to wait on EVERY customer regardless if he/she is already helping one. Also expects them to sell them stuff they don't really need. AAP calls this 'Attachment Selling'. I call it, 'Screw the customer and take as much of their money as you can'.

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    nex813 Mar 29, 2009

    The question is was it a small engine battery, for a motorcycle or atv, etc.? If so, then you should only of got a 90 warranty with no prorate. Also, some store will not give warranties on economy batteries if they're not spcified for that vehicle. I agree with the first poster about the differences in warranties between stores. It also depends upon if the district manager governs on spending and warranties. But I would say that you can trust the Assistant also since they are the "right hand man" of the manager, and usually there when the manager is not. Something else is that if the manager is unwilling, you can also try to contact customer support at the corporate office for help.

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  • Ki
    Kim Apr 26, 2009

    My battery was dead in my camaro. I went in and bought another one. When I returned the old one, I realized it was still under warranty. It was a 3yr platinum. The same as the one I had just bought. The guy wasn't going to tell me, but I asked him! He said he could check it overnight and if it was bad, I was entitled to a new battery. I had to go out of town the next day (work related), so my husband went up there to check on it. SURPRISE! They couldn't find the battery. When they finally did, they said it was bad, but since I had already bought another one, they had credited my ATM card for the core charge. So I was SOL on the old battery. I emailed the company and told them how dissatisfied I was with this. They NEVER returned my email. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT ADVANCE AUTO STORES AGAIN! OH, and by the way, make sure you write down what you bought and when on the back of your receipt, because they also have the disappearing ink on their receipts. They can guarantee when this new POS battery goes bad that I just bought, that I WILL get my moneys' worth. If you want my advice, you would be better off going to NAPA or the dealer. ADVANCE IS ALL ABOUT ADVANCE!!!

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    Manwithcommansense Sep 19, 2009

    Kim is a ###, advance doesn't sell anything called a platinum grade battery. If i were Kim, I'd ask my husband to divorce me because i am such a dip ###

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    Hacker Sep 19, 2009

    Manwithcommansense, what is the point of your post? Who gives a damn what the name of the battery was, i'm sure if Advance didn't sell it, they would have told her that when she brought the battery in right? But, obviously you have no life and enjoy getting on here and personally bashing people with your pointless comments. Hmmm, do you work for Advance? Oh wait, I highly doubt you work.

    BTW, did you mean to make your name 'ManWithNoCommonSense'? Someone needs spell check!

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  • Pi
    pizzaface Nov 02, 2009

    you can't base a company's reputation on one person's actions. yes i work for advance and some of these posts have open up my eyes to some peoples ignorance. an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind you can't just get mad as hell over something petty in a place of business and expect people to treat you with respect and actually feel like they want to make your situation better. most of you people don't even pay attention to the warranties and then when something goes wrong you get pissed when somethings not covered. if you had such a problem with something when it broke i don't see why you didn't ask more questions before you bought the product. and something isn't covered if we see something failed do to other issues with the car. for example a battery isnt bad if its dead but holds a charge, the alternator isnt charging it or you have some sort of electrical drain. some people just don't get this. ive seen this time and time again. it makes me sick.

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    helloiloveyou Mar 07, 2010

    I am assuming you bought an ATV/Cycle battery and are pissed off about the warranty. A 90 day warranty on a piece of plastic you pour acid into seems fair. With this being said, my assignment for you is to grab your iphone, call the competition, and ask about their warranties on similar batteries. Also keep in mind that an educated consumer would either 1). Question the seller about the warranty before making the decision to purchase. 2). Simply read the warranty terms on the receipt.

    In addition, I would argue that if you are concerned with the "mighty dollar" and how it applies to routine maintenence on your ATV/Cycle, you are probably living outside your means, and should think about saving that dollar. I have a feeling that deep down inside you will agree.

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    AmazingsimplyAmazing Dec 21, 2010

    Amazing, simply Amazing.
    It shows how consumers have spoiled themselves over the years. Everyone feels they are entitled to something.
    If you treat the employees respectful, you fill find all of them will go out of their way to help you. Dont take your anger and agression out on them because your car broke down. No one is out to get you clowns.

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Resolved fraud and scam

I purchased a motorcycle several years ago, made all my payments in advance and when the bike was totaled at someone's irresponsibility I am the one suffering. Right after the accident I called GE Money Bank and advised them of the accident and that the insurance company would be paying it off. GE Money gave the insurance company someone else's account information and due to this mistake the payment was late. GE Money is expecting for me to pay the difference. They claim that the insurance company made the mistake and that I am still responsible for the balance. Which there wouldn't be a balance if they hadn't made the mistake to begin with!

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    Lawson Earl Sep 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    About 12 -14 weeks ago I I bought a rebuilt engine for my 1994 Ford Ranger pickup from Advance Auto Parts. After I had it installed, before I even picked it up the garage told me it smoked when they started it and that and that the rings more than likely needed to seat. Before I even got it home it started missing. I called the guy that installed it and he told me that he wouldn't stand behind it and I would have to have someone other than him to check it out.He told me to take it to Gater Towing, which I did. Gater Towing checked it out and told me that they would have to replace the motor after checking out everything Advance wanted them to check. After about three weeks Advance sent another rebuilt motor. Gater installed the motor, they did a super job. They charged me almost $1300 witch was suppose to be paid under the warrenity. This has been about three months and I have still haven't seen any of the warrenity money yet.

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  • 11
    111111111 Mar 15, 2012

    Advance does not sale motorcycles buddy!

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Resolved Discrimination against customer

I was shopping at advanced auto parts today for cleaning supplies. When I was done gathering what I needed, I...

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