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I would never work for Adecco ever again, the way in which the structure is set up is to exploit people that are desperate for a job by keeping their employees intimidated and grovelling. The pay is not worth the abuse.

I was bullied for 4 months and nothing was done about this even though HR knew about the incidents.

Once I was denied paid annual leave for half a week that i was entitled to. (In this case I was trying to book paid annual leave which i was entitled, 2 months in advance, which in most places are fine, it was within the holiday year).
After 2 threatening meetings, intimating emails from the Adecco recruitment staff and various complaints which i made to management, they finally let me have what i was entitled to. This lasted 2 weeks and was highly stressful in an already stressful environment.
The recruiters working there are ### and have no concept of morals.

Nov 11, 2013
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      Jan 27, 2014

    This company is a disgrace. I sent over my C.V to the Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City branch (UK) and I asked to make an appointment to register with them.After confirming an appointment for today, I received a call from another agency two hours before I was due to meet with Adecco asking me to go for an interview on the same day, so of course I contacted Adecco to rearrange my appointment. I was rudely told that my interview clearly has taken precedence over meeting with them. I told them of course as I am trying to find work! He then told me that with this in mind he will not reschedule my appointment and good luck with my job search. He also told me that my meeting with him today was actually for a job at the branch. He had not told me this when I had Emailed him last week, or sent over a job description of any kind. All the Email said was a date and time to come in and register. I am not interested in working in branch but he seemed to think that he was just going to interview me for this position without telling me anything about it, so of course I would of been unprepared.

    At the end of the day they are a recruitment agency so surely they should understand that if I am called for a job interview I am going to attend it. To be honest after reading all of these complaints I am glad I will not be wasting my time with this company.

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