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ON, Canada Review updated:

In Febr 2012 I contracted with ACN Canada for digital phone service & high speed internet. Their prices were my sole motivator to switch from Bell to ACN. So far, both the phone and internet service are working fine. Now to the billings ... at time of signup I was obligated to give my Visa card information for payment of monthly account charges. I just checked my most recent statement and note $3 / mo modem rental fee on top of the monthly internet charge. At no time was I informed, either verbally or in writing, that rental fee was applicable; I thought my quoted price was all-inclusive. I contacted the ACN rep who introduced me to the company, the product line, etc. and he admits that he had never informed me of the extra charge and he wrote back to me, verbatim "You're right it wasn't discussed when krdwring your service. This was under the assumption you names this seeing how Bell Canada was charging you a modem fee as well will cogeco, Rogers, MNSI, etc. the reason they do this is because if you don't choose to pay a rental modem fee you would have to buy it from them for whatever cost. This charge is in order, everyone pays this small monthly fee including myself."

This was my written reply, also verbatim. "Informed Consent is considered as being both ethical and legal. Bell informed me of a monthly modem rental fee; ACN did not. I thought my monthly charge was all-inclusive. I will not go hungry because of a $3 monthly charge and I will not cancel services because of it, however ... I am not impressed. Sneaking in a $36 / year charge per customer is a tidy sum that ACN picks up every year isn't it?"

Makes me wonder about this company now...


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      27th of Feb, 2013

    I agree that the price and service are remarkable but when you said you were obligated to put your credit card information through that is not true because I used my debit card to put the transaction through. If you go onto any IBO's store and click on digital phone service, sign up and go through the process, it will clearly give you 3 options which are credit card, debit, and paypal. Please do some credible research next time.

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  • Th
      28th of Oct, 2013


    I can understand your frustration with the rep. I am in sales and helping my son start an ACN business. On thing I tell him and I recommend to anyone in sales, assume the customer knows nothing and needs to know everything. It's not assuming the customer is stupid but ignorant to your product. An informed customer is a happy customer. I would also hesitate in painting the company as the wrond doer here. It seems it a a situation of a rep not doing his job with due dilligence. I am sorry you had this experience.

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      3rd of Sep, 2014


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