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Tech Service

Another morning another problem with the ### ACN Video phone. Itnot register again. Waiting on HOLD using my cell phone burning minutes caause of this piece of ### phone.

Is there a way to get out of this contract for phone which is out of service more than in service?

I ask all people having the same problem to PLEASE Call you State Att. General It's time we let them know we have a company not backing their so called product.


  • Ok
    okkkkkkkkkkkk Feb 15, 2010

    Its odd, considering I have a ACN video phone. Its worked great, I have no idea which model this person has. The technology is new in the market place, and you will always have bugs. I have the Iris 3000, and its amazing. Quality is outstanding, crystal clear video reception. Could be they don't have a high enough internet speed, to work properly. Or no router, which ACN recommends. Could be they have a crappy modem, or don't have a clue what their doing. But their phone is not ### by any means, mine has been great.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 410 or 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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People who dont work ### to much

I just have to say that it is no surprize that there are people out there who cant handle working a program that truly offers a way to make an income that will surpass what anyone would pay you in a traditional job. Most people I meet that think this or any other program is a scam is because you actually have to work! These are the same people who make less that $10 an hour, take long lunch hours, cheat there boss of the time that they get paid, call in sick and will never do anything to go forward in there lives. They will instead sit at there desk and dream of getting married to someone who will make tons of money and save them from there poor pittiful lives. Well That truly NEVER Happens!
Every business needs customers, every business has the right to pay those who do more for them, they also have every right to market products Via through go getters so they will not have to pay people to sit on there ###'s and not do anything for the company just so they can have a pay check. I have got news for everyone, direct marketing is our future! Companies can no longer afford to pay idiots to work for them with all of the health care bull and tax problems. This is truly the way for those who want to have a real pay check coming in and have a life to go share. I have lost more money in the stock market than I ever have in a business deal such as this.
If you think that joining a company and sitting on your butt to see if it works is how to measure its value then I would imagine you are the same people who ownes an exercise video and equipment and thinks that watching it sit in the corner is how to loose weight!
Nothing in life happens without getting off of your butts and making it happen!
Obviously the goverment would have shut them down many many years ago had they seen any questions regarding there business habits.
So the truth for all of you who have nothing better to do that to ### about the truth as to why you did not make money which is you just did not put out any effort, is to get off of your missinformed butts and see that you are truly the problem, not the company.

  • WIL MOREIRA Apr 07, 2010

    Agree 150%
    if u put a lot of effort u will get lots of succes
    some effort u will get some succes
    and if u put no effort well u get what u deserve no succes and some people dare to complain about ACN its a scam hahahaah
    NO its u that is lazy.
    how come the others have succes and u dont?????
    i m sure i m not special or smarter then those people but i got lots of succes TC in 9 months and always got my cheques in the mail
    and the mail man is my new best friend :)
    Just make sure ur willing to work hard for 2 to 5 years so u can relax the rest of your life if not just dont join is better for u and everybody ;)

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  • Ri
    rickchand Apr 29, 2010

    very true. lazy people always complain. lazy people want money but never ever work. I think ACN clearly specifies that this is a 2-5 year plan for those who want to work and get somewhere in life. Not relying on the Ei premiums we pay. get off the internet. am amazed that you were not lazy placing this comment. you snooze you lose buddy.

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  • Gr
    grace629 May 05, 2010

    lazy people? that is an understatement. I work full time, and not afraid of work! I wouldnt mind making money if the products worked! The telephone never worked.. getting billed every month because you CANT cancel it 190.00 cancellation fee! DIrect TV always cutting out and never get good service.. CANT cancel that since its a 200.00 cancellation fee! We called to get an alarm installed in our home and we had to pay 200.00 via credit card just to have the installer come down to take a look at the wiring etc...As it turns out the house cannot be wired due to certain restrictions and I am still trying to get my 200.00 back!
    How can I sell a product that I could not stand behind. Like all of the people that are out there selling this product.. can you seriously say that you love it? and its reliable? I highly doubt it... I feel terrible for the other people I dragged to the meeting that had to lay out 499! ACN should be ashamed of themselves! I just found 190.00 charge on my credit card for an early cancellation fee for the phone service! They billed a random card that they found on file for me that I used when I first signed up 8 months ago, without asking me to authorize it. Furthermore, Wachovia bank will not allow any charges to ACN since they are not an accredited company! Go figure... They must know about all of the rip offs and will not allow their customers to get ripped off too!

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  • Eq
    equinox2acn Sep 02, 2010

    I haven't heard this type of bravado since a company called EQUINOX!! Anyone remember them...sales style almost identical! If people don't join with you then you should turn your back on them...I KNOW...Look at the facts...#1) Austrailia has shut them down for being a SCAM...too bad our government is too slow to do it...just like with EQUINOX, there will be alot of people led to slaughter by their friends and family just to make a quick buck!!!

    Simply ask this question: SHOW ME THE NUMBERS!!! Remember in this digital age, it is very easy to fabricate something that looks "authentic", and then you will see a photo copy of it... i am talking about these 5-6 digit checks that get passed around...anyway I am not against MLM's. I believe the concept is great...the problem is with the companies and how it is set up. run, and in the end the individuals that are out on the streets "selling" it! I only lost $2500.00...well shouldn't say that, I had a closet full of products for the next 8 years, till I threw the remaining out.


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  • Je
    jeko1075 Dec 10, 2010

    @eqinox2acn. How do you have a closet full of product, anyone who has ever puchased an ACN phone through me has done so on the internet where all of our products are sold from!!! I carry zero product stock, you must be thinking of a different company, not acn!!

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  • Pe
    Pete Reckons Dec 15, 2010

    Very Very true about people on their Butts waiting for life to Happen to them. Agree 100% about harnessing go-getters.
    However If you read the complaints, Most talk about the agressive and forceful nature of ACN, You could have made these points without the agressive tone. Every business has has clients and customers who don't quite Gel with the product or service, What is the point in making their life hell if they want to go elsewhere or try something else. Your comments are related to the communication industry and yet you seem to forget the power of a disatisfied customer one click away from telling 1000s or potential customers.
    I wonder what is the actual cost of " Thanks for coming over and having a go. Have a great Day" verses the cost legal Standover Tactics like court cases and debt collectors etc, and MOST OF ALL the people like ME x 10s of thousands. who are now to scared to join, After 15 minutes of reserch into the company. Im now going to provide my 832 friends with my opinion of ACN. Have a Great day..!! Pete

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Unauthorized charges

I got a phone service trough a local dealer.They told me that they will send the router pack and i will be charged 45$ including shipping and monthly bill has to be 23 dolars.

I didnt set the equipment and change my ming because they charge me 30 dolars for a month and when i called they told me that i sign up for a 1 year contract and there is a 39 dollars termination fee, but the agent didnt mention that only i can cancel anytime. First of all i didnt sign any paperwork otherwise i will know that its not good deal for me. Every service has to have a short period of canceling or charge some restocking fee not this one that cost me 117 dollars.

Not a company

Here i am suckered into this company, family member told me it was the hot new way to make money fast. I signed up on a sunday and could not sleep so monday moring i called acn, and canceled sign up fee of$500. 00 and canceled phone and service of phone. I got a runaround, to this day i have not got nothing back a total of$719. 00 in the hole anybody know how to get my money back?

  • Ri
    rickchand Apr 29, 2010

    i have seen many people getting their refund. my friend cancelled his membership but till day he is using all the services that acn offers. i dont see a reason why they didnt refund yours. 10 days within cancellation is the rule.check your credit card bill buddy they wont send you a cheque for this!!!

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011

    **********if you have issued any payments to a company that has not provided any services and have not received a full refund please contact us - we can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! - - - 800 - 982 - 0221 ext 410 or 800 - 982 - 0221 ext 401 - - - email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Getting charged for nothing

My mum emotionnally forced me into this mess. so that my sister could get some people underneth her. We ended up having the phone with them but then they started to charge me for internet aswell.. from day one i told them i wasn;t gonna pay my bill as i was beign charged for no reason. after trying to talk to supervisor and being yell and harrassed on the phone they send me a debt collector..

who's in the wrong?

  • Ke
    Kevulance Jul 30, 2009

    ACN is a cluster. Getting started was a nightmare, as I was advised by my upline to order this, cancel it three weeks later, but order this and this, and cancel that -- all to get seven stupid points? For what? Why in the hell would they lay such a ridiculous qualification process on us AFTER we've already forked over $500? It's ludicrous! The video phone arrived, but I wasn't home for all three attempts at delivery, so the phone went back to the warehouse and my account was billed another $200.00. Which reminds. DO NOT give out your account information to these hacks. if you are unable to play the game just right, you'll see ACN withdrawals, and a few other surprise withdrawals from unknown sources.

    No. Steer clear of ACN. There has to be a better way to invest $1000.00. I could've put that money toward something useful, like gold and silver.

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  • Ki
    kidbaston Feb 25, 2010

    ACN has one of the WORST customer service I ever experienced. I am so sorry I got some friends and family invoved in this. Hey, I guess sometime we have to learn the hard way, right?

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  • Ac
    ACN champ Jul 03, 2011

    We always blame other people for our failure. Nut heads like u don't
    Under stand ACN system. It works, has changed many lives. If it was a scam then why they are in 23 countries?? Why all the big companies are with ACN?

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not a good Phone?

I'm a little unhappy hearing that there are pushy people in ACN, but you'll find that anywhere you go, from 90% of the sales people.
I've been with them since Oct. and will say in this economy, it's not ez to sign people up, but the Company has done nothing but help me in anyway they can, to honor their products and services.
Just don't rush into anything, thinking your going to make a million dollars the first week. Its selling, person to person job. But each member helps each other to get you to sell acn's products.Because it helps you, for others to make money also.
And about the phone serice, ever TRY to work with EMBARQ.you'll have fun there, or some of the people at Verizon.

  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 410 or 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Stay away!

Acn preys on people looking for a business opportunity. They pimp members (without representing them) to gain customers, knowing that the work procedure is designed for the member to fail leaving Acn with customers that was left with company when member is no longer a member. I am surprise the company is still running. I call this predator practice. They have hired actors speaking and dressing as if they are multi millionaires. I saw one spoke person who was suppose to be a millionaire with a big hole in her sock at a Bally's work out centre. She was working out without gym shoe and had a hole in her sock. She did not see me. I was so disturbed by it I left. I then paid more attention while attending conferences and saw that these people speaking wore the same outfits repeatedly. Even though the phone service is real you will not have a portion of the business. You will not become a dealer of acn. They will not represent you and you are not to use there name under no circumstances. It is truly a pimp game.

  • Al
    ALW1 Oct 21, 2009

    wow that is funny but it sounds so true.

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  • Ho
    Honestly dissapointed Dec 18, 2009

    Yes, you are absolutely right. My husband and I were swindeled into believing ACN was an honorable company with high technology products, that was a joke. This stupid phone is not even cordless! So what, you can see who you are talking to, that is already possible on my computer! The service, I hear, is poor. Of course I wouldn't know since my phone has never even worked!
    We signed our contract in May 2008, thinking it was just for one year, although when I spoke with them today to cancel they now say it was for two years!

    We were told; "this is not an MLM, even though it looks like one" and "we are going to do a national roll out and if you have enough points we will place people under you automatically". Never happened, surprise, surprise.

    I faxed in our cancellation notice on Nov. 13, 2009 signed by both my husband and I, although that mysteriously dissappeared and they know nothing about it. We have been paying $38.99 every month since May of 08 for absolutely nothing and they had the audacity to say they were going to charge me a cancellation fee!!

    Save yourself a lot of grief and money, don't get involved in any way with ACN.

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  • Sr
    sreed_fl Feb 23, 2010

    The phone service is AWFUL! Won't ring, won't show I have a message, won't have a dial tone 50% of the time, terrible sound quality, the list goes on. Not to mention I spent over 5 hours with tech support in which they sent me a new phone (after all that time wasted) the next one didn't work any better and because I didn't want to jump through their stupid hoops anymore, I cancelled my service and they refused to refund my cancellation fee even though I clearly had terrible service the entire 7 months I had it! By the way, hold time for tech support is at least 20 minutes which I didn't include in the 5 hours of "troubleshooting". Their customer service is a joke! Think about it...there is a reason they have been around for 17 years yet almost nobody has their service. Wish I thought about that before I signed up.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 410 or 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • Ro
    rogerflatley Mar 09, 2011

    I'll tell my ACN story without intentionally making ACN look bad, just so you can judge for yourself what it is like to be involved with this organization. In early 2010 I was recruited by a family friend whom I respected. He had just joined through another man that was a friend of his, whom then became my "upline mentor." He had been independently wealthy, but not because of ACN. In fact, he hadn't profited yet from ACN in the year he had been in it. From what I gathered his previous business was no longer profitable so he turned to multilevel marketing business opportunities. He told me that he and his wife had unsuccessfully sold healthfood chocolates through a multi level company, and had now switched to ACN which they thought was better.
    I had been told by my friend to show up to this guy's place to look at some cars. But after some verbal probing, my friend admitted that this was just a rouse to get me to sit in on an ACN prospects meeting. Out of respect for my friend, I attended. There were about 6 people who showed up to the "personal business reception" (meeting) I was at. Nobody was even remotely interested in the proposal besides me, eventhough I personally thought it was an interesting business opportunity. I didn't sign up right away and went to some more formal meetings before signing up. I was pressured to sign up before the end of the month based on the "promotion" they were running. Turns out, they have a promotion every month and just use that as a tactic to pressure recruits into signing up. They apparently want you to feel like time is running out so that you have to join now!
    I signed up anyway and got qualified by purchasing a video phone under a two year contract and the $30/month "business assistant" and a new cell phone. The video phone didn't really work very well and couldn't dial basic phone numbers, so I couldn't use it, eventhough I was locked in paying an additional $40/month for two years! My mentor tried to get it to work and he couldn't fix it either. That made me lose confidence in ACN's so called "flagship product" the videophone. It simply didn't work. How was I going to expect people to use this in place of their current home phone if it doesn't even work? Never got the answer to that.
    Next came the nuts and bolts of being an ACN rep--recruiting. At this point I was told to draw up a list of everyone I know and call them and invite them to my house for weekly recruitment meetings. I told my mentor even before signing up that I didn't know many people because my family doesn't live in this state and I haven't lived here very long, and that I was concerned I wouldn't be successful in ACN as a result. He said not to worry because I know more people than I think (so he said). This is where things started to go downhill. I was only able to get a few people to show up to meetings, and half of them were confused as to why they were even there. Nobody in any meetings showed even a remote interest. My mentor and his wife put a lot of effort into helping me with this, but they succeeded only in alienating the people I knew. He'd tell me to give him their number so he could call them, and I advised him that probably wouldn't work based on what I knew about the people in question. He said he knew what he was doing and told me to follow the "system" and never judge people ahead of time based on whether I think ACN would be right for them. He tried calling a few people and they were annoyed by his approach and told him to leave them alone.
    I continued to be positive and was not deterred by initial failure. I continued going to the weekend meetings and was discretely talking to people at my day job about ACN trying to get them to meetings. My coworkers quickly caught on to what I was doing and began making fun of me at work about my involvment in this "pyramid scheme". It got so bad that even after I stopped talking about it, they continued to make fun of me about it, creating awkward and innappropriate situations for me at my work. I told my mentor this and he told me I need to find a new job. I guess he didn't realize this was my livlihood and I couldn't just up and quit. Once he realized that most people I knew were broke and didn't have any extra money to spend on ACN, he said, "No more broke people." I didn't really know what to do about that because I only know who I know, which I told him that from the beginning.
    While this was going on, my mentor was still actively recruiting others in addition to me. One guy he signed up at the same time as me, but that man decided to get his money back a couple days later. The only other person the guy who sponsored me brought to a meeting was his friend who was such a severe alcoholic that he had to leave the meeting early to go get a beer. My sponsor then stopped participating in ACN altogether after that. But I still held strong, not giving up and stayed positive as my mentor kept telling me to do.
    There was one prospective recruit that I was hoping to get signed up under me. She was very open to it at first, but apparently read about it online and determined it was a scam. She then got frustrated the next time I called her and told me to stop hassling her or she would report me. This woman was my own mother.
    My roommate made fun of me from the beginning, and even tried to belittle me during some of my meetings to embarrass me in front of my guests and mentor. I began to think the people I knew were just mean-spirited, but then I realized this was just how people naturally reacted to multi-level marketing and what they viewed as pyramid schemes--and they are highly sceptical, negative, and unhelpful as a result. Everyone who was in ACN that I talked to, even my mentor, told stories about how people they knew had done the same things to them. It's something everyone has to deal with in this business apparently.
    I had tried to improvise and do things that I felt would optimize my chances of recruiting people, but invariably whatever I did my mentor told me was wrong. Even when he did it his way and the outcome was worse. He kept saying to trust the system, which I continued to do to no avail. When I watched him present to my recruits it was like watching a robot with a plastic smile. It was the same formulated sales pitch over and over and to be honest it felt like a sales pitch from a sleezy car salesman. He'd spend 90 minutes on something that should only take 30 minutes and the people would be squirming in their chairs while eying the door just waiting for him to stop talking so they could leave. Meanwhile he would be continually be going over mundane details pointing to figures on a small sheet of paper that no one could really read clearly from the distance they were seated. It was just plain awkward in my opinion.
    My last hope was to get my girlfriend to sign up under me. She had a big family and a lot of business contacts which would have been a great asset with a lot of potential. Unfortunately she was convinced by her friends and family not to join, and we broke up soon after. When finally the people I thought I could count on most to join didn't, I became incredibly frustrated and disheartened and was tired of wasting all this time just to lose more and more money. I had my mentor telling me one thing and everyone else telling me another, and I was trapped in the middle and forced to absorb the strain from both ends. I think my mentor caught on once he realized that even my own girlfriend wasn't joining, and he stopped contacting me. Probably as much cutting his losses as it was him realizing I was done with him and ACN.
    I did ACN for about two months actively. During this time I was pressured by my mentor and his wife to go to weekly and quarterly meetings. The weekly meetings became pointless once I was no longer able to get even one person to go with me. The quarterly meetings were huge seminars held in other states that cost $150 to attend, plus transportation and hotel. Even attending one of those meetings would cost me as much as it did to join ACN! And they wanted me to attend 4 of these per year! Fortunately I didn't waste any more of my money by trying to attend these meetings, but my mentors always attended. I can only imagine how much money they spent on those things. That explains why they were so committed, and quite frankly, desperate, to make this business work. It's pretty transparent and sad once you see it for what it is and realize what is actually going on inside these people's heads.
    When I joined initially I was under the impression that this would be part time and not cost an arm and a leg. It became clear as soon as I joined that this was a business of desperate people doing anything and everything they can to make this work, including not setting the correct expectations and using outright deception. I remember finding out about the $150 annual fee after investigating ACN online, and I told my sponsor about it in front of my mentor. My sponsor was shocked and said to my mentor, "You didn't tell me about that fee!" The truth is they never tell you about it because why would you join with all these extra fees? The fees are almost unending: $499 sign up+ $150 annual fee + $40/month video phone + $30/ month website membership + 4 expensive seminars a year + the cost of marketing materials + the cost to attend weekly meetings and paying for your guests entrance fees, etc. And if you want to just cancel, cut your losses, and get out...you guessed it...another fee of $200 for early cancellation. At least I know now how ACN is able to stay afloat. They charge for everything!
    Now imagine them being honest and telling you before you join about what you ACTUALLY would have to pay and what you can ACTUALLY expect? But of course they don't tell you about any of that because NOBODY WOULD JOIN if they told the truth about their business. So they resort to typical unethical sales tactics and do little more than paint you a mental picture of a pie in the sky that is waiting for you if only you would just "stay positive" and keep feeding money and time into this system.
    Looking back on it, I think ACN is one of those businesses that you are either too smart or too dumb to get involved in. Too smart, in that you will not join because you will see up front how difficult it is to be successful. Too dumb, because you will not join because you think everything is a scam and don't really understand a complex business model. But either way, most people won't join. And those that do join are now left to contend with all the people who will not join for the reasons stated above.
    I knew that there was no guarantee that I would make money in ACN, and I was prepared to lose all the money I put in, and I did. The business model still makes sense to me on paper, but unfortunately this is a people business, and people are notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to this sort of business. I realize now that there are some people who should NEVER join ACN because it is not right for them. You need to know a lot of people (preferably with money), and you need to be very socialable and a good salesman. It's unfortunate that the only qualifications to become an ACN rep are a heartbeat and a credit card, because so many people like myself continue to be lied to, manipulated, and then tossed to the side. Then to add insult to injury, they are told they failed because they gave up and were just too negative. But with all that is stacked against you when you join, most people would give up, otherwise continue to lose more and more time and money.
    I am fortunate because I was able to absorb this financial loss and move on. I never signed even one person up, so I didn't have anyone upset at me after they lost their money like I did. My mentor, based on what he told me, had a long list of people he got to sign up but whom never made any money. And by "never made money" I mean LOST their money. What's odd about that is he really didn't make much money off of them, so he really just wasted his own time. Like most multi-level businesses, most of the money he brought in went to those way above him in his upline. I recall one of the first meetings I attended where my sponsor showed up in his fancy sportscar and had got not one, but TWO speeding tickets on the way in. That's a few hundred dollars in fines right there. Then when I was at his house a few weeks later, a process server showed up and gave his wife three more photo radar tickets he'd accumulated. This guy was clearly leaking money like a siv due to his own personal indescretions. I drew the conclusion that someone who is that financially reckless would probably do anything to make that money back, even if his business practices are just as reckless. Now this guy was just one ACN rep, but he was the one I ended up with. I'm sure other ACN reps have had better and worse experiences with their mentors.
    It's now a year after I joined ACN and I've not heard back from my mentor since we initially stopped contacting each other. I am still trying to find a way out of the $40/month video phone service and I'll probably have to pay $200 to cancel early. So a year later and I am continuing to be drained of my money due to ACN. But hopefully I will soon be done with ACN entirely and can move on wtih my life.
    Please note that I have been 100 percent honest about all this. Clearly I do not like ACN, but I didn't have to call it names and be beligerant toward the company or my sponsor. I figured if I put my honest and accurate account of my experience then people can read this and judge ACN for what it really is, rather than being influenced by a bunch of negative rhetoric.

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phone never work n keep chargen for service

i pay for the phone i recive it n i never have line agn keep chargen me 35.00 dlls mounthly i call the custumer service they keep ignorenme

  • Mr
    Mrs. Gray May 02, 2009

    We live deep in the country, and when I was told that the Digital Video phone was so amazing that you can see your grandparent 100s of miles away that all you needed to do was buy 2 of these Iris phones.. You did need High speed enternet. I have that, I paid for 2 phone's and when I wanted to get the first phone to work we found problem after problem and called Customer service and talked to Techs etc... That was a year ago, I also tried to stop the service ! NO they where rude and told me it was not even in my name etc .. they where totaly giving me the run around. I let it go for a while thinking maybe I can get it to work and I dropped my house phone because it was ridiculus to pay $50 a month for one phone and $50 a month for a house phone! I NEVER Got this thing to work at all !! It would turn on sure, I sent it home with another rep to make sure it worked, sure it worked with other people's service - just not out in the Hicks where I live with my Radio broadband... Now if they had told me that it would just not work with some services I would have never got it... SO I have paid over $600 out of my Checking account Debit card for a year now, I finaly went into my account and changed the Date of Experation and now they cant bill me, I called them and told them I wanted them to turn the service off that they had STOLEN $600 of my hard earned dollars - and they tell me I cant because there is a 2 year service aggreement - I told them " You Cannot Charge me for services YOU NEVER PREFORMED ! I REFUSE to pay anymore and I want to be refunded what I put into this" . So far that has not helped, they also said that I never tried to have a Tech support - BS- they will try anything to scam you out of your money with NO Concern who they are hurting .. Its obvious to me that ACN is a Money hungry Bully !!!
    Mrs. Gray, In the country of California

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  • Ch
    Chrissiesg May 12, 2010

    pyramid schemes seldom have good stuff to offer. If they do it's always super overpriced, and then they'll try to convince you that the extra money is justified by superior quality. To be honest, I find all products in the states to be pretty much standard across the board in terms of quality control. I'm thinking the extra money goes mostly to supporting their wildly inefficient pyramid structure. If everyone's getting paid, it must come from somewhere, right?

    I've got a friend using ACN. The phone and service is terrible.

    As far as I'm concerned, all pyramid schemes are a way for the average joe to plug-in to their entrepreneurial aspirations. As far as this goes, that's perfectly fine. What's not ok is that, well, they're a pyramid.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 410 or 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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Please don't get involved!

Thinking I could help out my parents and make some commission of my own, I fell into this trap of ACN where a...

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