ACME Marketsstaff managers

Had a very bad experience in the store today. 11/26/18 The front end manager and the store manager are very unprofessional and rude. The front end women name is Elise. She questioned my $100 which is fine I totally understand that but the way she went about it was rude and embarrassing. Asking me where i got the bill and then calling the store manger instead of waiting for him. She continued her rudness in front of a line of customers acting very rude. Of course only 2 lanes are open as usual.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Briarcliff Manor, NY Telling me she needs another form of payment. Not even waiting for the store manger. I had to use my credit card. After all was said and done the nasty store manager came she told him all was fine- since I was forced to use my credit card- i said excuse me i would like to speak to him he then looked at my bill and said it was fine- but was very nasty and said they got hit last night with fake bills. I worked down the road for 32 years was a customer but no longer will i be - acme in briarcliff manor NY 10510- missing all the regular crew from the A&P new staff is terrible-

Nov 26, 2018

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